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The Chalk Eaters Guide Review: 3rd October

Verry Elleegant – That she is.

Deadset, is it in Greg Radley’s contract with TabCorp & Sky Racing to mention The Everest AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY?

This was just before they ran the Gimcrack today.

“There is the 1000m barriers, and behind, further up the chute you can see the 1200m, where they will start The Everest from.”


Anyway, what a funny old day I had, which in all, was a reasonable success for the Chalk Eaters.

First, I took Hungry Heart expecting her to turn the tables on Dame Gisele in the Flight, and she did…. but Montefilia brought the wood on them both.

Then, I took Classique Legend to pull the rug out from Nature Strip – He did, but Libertini smoked that Premiere field into next year and turned the Everest on it’s head.

Then, I still had the money back and went for Hilo in the last – What a great sight to see him last and under the whip, only to rocket home and just miss 2nd.

Anyway, some great performances all day – Probabeel in the Epsom, Verry Eleegant turning around that crap George Main run to win the Turnbull, Persan getting into the Melbourne Cup from some 80-deep in the order of entry…

September Run in The Poseidon Stakes at Flemington – WINNER


Now I know why they called it the Poseidon Stakes.

Because the winner produces a tidal wave and washes away the other horses like the merciful god of the sea.

Fantastic win by September Run, who showed that September can still hold it’s form into October.

She genuinely looks like a Flemington Straight specialist, and I can imagine she’ll be back at Headquarters on Derby Day or even on Oaks Day.

Hungry Heart in the Flight Stakes at Randwick – 2nd

From Sky Racing

Hahahahahahaha, oh my god, talk about getting your arse kicked.

James McDonald rides the first 4 winners on the card, and has Hungry Heart in the Flight.

Credit to JMac, he finally managed to turn the tables on Dame Giselle by boxing her in on the fence in the dreaded coffin, which appeared a race-winning move, because the Dame never picked up.

Unfortunately, JMac, Chris Waller, yours truly, and several million other degenerates, didn’t quite expect Montefilia to run THAT WELL, given she was seemingly on an Oaks path for David Payne.

But, she did, and not only was it Hugh Bowman’s 97th Group 1 win, it was his first Saturday winner since he got rubbed out for the Andrew Adkins incident in July.

Now, I did say I would make some nuffie comment in the event that Dame Giselle won and Hungry Heart ran 2nd.

Problem is, Hungry Heart beat Dame Giselle easily, but still didn’t win.

So in that sense, yes, Hungry Heart probably is wanting the 2000m.

Hilo in Race 9 at Randwick – 3rd

From 7 Horse Racing

Oh dear, the Hilo has gone rank.

I tell you, I feel utterly aggrieved watching that.

First off, I wasn’t totally upset about Hilo going back, because there was enough speed in the race to swoop home.

Then, in addition to being dead last, he’s under the whip at the 400, which is a sign to hold a ciggy lighter to your TAB ticket.

And then, just to shovel crap in my face, Hilo picks up late, and absolutely rockets home to end up in a photo with Asharaani, and just to cap it off, he ran 3rd when I had money back for 2nd.

And you know what, Mount Horeb can piss off as well for holding that race up for 8 minutes – Bloody despised outsiders.

Anyway, I haven’t even mentioned the favourite Athiri, who got a deadset blowtorch put on from all and sundry, yet was still good enough to pick up a hard-earned win.

Special Choice in Race 9 at Kalgoorlie – WINNER

The favourite in cerise and white nails the leader in the shadows in the last race of the day in WA.

The Hyphenator rode with the spirit of The Wizard.

What a fantastic effort – Special Choice looked to be absolutely smoked for pace on the corner, so much so she was slightly laying in and under the whip, but Johnston-Porter had always kept her in clear air, and it looked like those last few cracks he gave at the 200 seemed to kick her into gear, because he was riding hands and heels by the last 100m.

And in a result that would’ve had grown men impersonating Tom Cruise on Oprah, the Peters mare gave Concrete Madame windburn on the post and won.

A heart-stopping end to the day in the Goldfields.

Crazy Craig’s Lucky Lips Tip Of The Day

Admire Robson in the Bart Cummings at Flemington – 7th


Poor old Crazy Craig – He’s stiffer than a 2-day old corpse there.

What a strange choice from Brett Prebble, for one simple choice.


Then, when the Japanese horse got shuffled back on the turn, he didn’t follow Persan looking for runs up the inside, and decided to peel off and go running up arses on the outside.

The seas parted for Persan at the 400m, and he never had to break stride on the way to not only a win, but a run in the Melbourne Cup, where he will probably do nothing.

Admire Robson, having barely had a clean run, picked up late and ran 7th, officially 2.3L off the winner.

That was it really – If Admire Robson follows Persan, who knows what he could have done.

Instead, it’s a bold play from the Boy From Bairnsdale, and by the looks the betting quite a few people, gone awry.

Anyway, if you see an idiot on course at Bairnsdale on Sunday, it’s probably Craig.

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