Horse Racing

A brief summary of my Saturday

So it all kicked off when Mrs Rocket, ‘Me sister’ and yours truly were right up in the first members of the public to get into the new world class WA Museum Boola Bardip, thanks to ‘Me sister’ winning the jackpot in the public ballot:

You’ve got a problem when uncouth individuals like myself are allowed to stand within 40 feet of Mark McGowan.

After the boring part of actually cutting the ribbon and activating the slide doors to let the official party through, us common folk ventured inside, and unlike those slowpokes, we went straight to the lifts, because bugger exploring the first floor.

If useless pieces of history are right up your alley, then my dear old family can claim to be the first people to see the ‘Megamouth’ at the WA Museum Boola Bardip, although anyone who sat through Jaws will claim we’re in the first 2 billion.

I also noticed a lovely obscured shirt that my dear friend Merv Roberts probably donated.

You may not have heard the first 90,000 times the folks from the WA government mentioned it, but the Blue Whale skeleton that was in the old museum for a couple of generations is back with a right old bang.

If you notice in the bottom corner, you’ll see another favourite the stuffed Bison, aka Mitch Marsh:

Within an hour of that, it was off to Ascot for Railway Stakes day, the first time I’d ever bothered going to Ascot on Railway day, and within half an hour, yours truly and Mr Half Price cottoned on to a winning Inspirational Girl stubby holder, which has gone straight to the pool room:

There seemed to be plenty of Emu Export consumed in support of Red Can Man…

So we got a perfect view of Inspirational Girl delivering The Wizard a hat trick of Railway Stakes wins:

After that, with the taxi ranks full up, myself, Half Price and his brother Tim figured it was easier to walk half way up Great Eastern Highway and cut down the price on the Uber, so along the way back to Tim’s place, we decided to go and ask Tom Cruise and John Travolta for repentance from our heathen ways of gambling and drinking.

Xenu, here I come!

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