Tuesday Tithbits: 24th November

So it’s the last of the Tithbits for November, and to be honest, I have no idea what historical anniversary I can kick the day off with, but I do know yesterday marked 64 years since competition for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics began.

The 24th of November was highlighted by the Men’s 100m Final, won by the champion American Bobby Morrow (Who only passed away this past May), with compatriot Thane Backer taking Silver, and Australian Hec Hogan took Bronze, becoming the first Australian to medal in the event since Stan Rowley in 1900.

A fact that might not surprise you is that Hogan, despite sadly passing away from leukemia in 1960, is still the only Australian since Federation to medal in the 100m Final at the Olympic Games.

The final edition of Manning Jack Attack for 2020 comes up tomorrow night

A reminder again, the Trevor Chappells are up against the Lawn Clippings in the feature match on TV Rinkside – Can JT and the Rocket create history as the first bowlers to win 3 Manning Jack Attck titles?

Probably not, because the Lawn Clippings are damn good.

I still have no idea what a ‘Zak Kirkup’ is

Apparently he’s now the leader of the WA Liberals, despite sounding like a character from a 2000s Disney Channel show.

In fairness to Zak, the WA Liberals could exhume the corpse of Sir Charles Court and they’d still get thumped in the next State Election.

To the person who tried looking up the Luke Shuey Wrong Foot kick on Sunday morning

Your wish is my command:

It may have been because I saved it under “Luke Shuey forgets how to kick” that they couldn’t find it.

The WBBL Semi Finals

Quick thoughts:

Stars vs Scorchers tomorrow night – I will have to pick the Stars despite the defeat on Sunday, given the Scorchers’ chances are totally dependent on PLAYER OF THE TOURNAMENT Sophie Devine and Beth Mooney (Who have scored 2/3 of Perth’s runs) absolutely clubbing the Stars’ attack, which probably won’t happen.

Heat vs Thunder on Thursday – I’m taking the two-time champion Brisbane Heat, which I’m basing on absolutely nothing except the fact that they’re the two-time champions for a damn good reason.

Just another day in South Australia

If it’s not pizza joints sending the entire state into lockdown, now those Craaaaaaazy Croweaters are selling number plates with the simple number ‘1’ on it for $600,000.

Although, that’s a simple way of describing it – The plates were extremely rare Australian Grand Prix themed plates, produced when Formula One first visited Adelaide in 1985.

If you wanted to pump $600,000 into something from the old days of the Adelaide Grand Prix, why not just try and buy one of those crummy Ferraris from the early 1990s when the Scuderia were mediocre?

The First ODI between Australia and India on Friday

Apparently it’s at the SCG, although from what I’ve seen, it’ll be played in a Sydney Hotel Room via Zoom using the Test Match board game.

The passing of Keith Titmuss

You can use the term tragedy ‘liberally’ these days, but a 20-year-old on track to play First Grade effectively rocking for another day at work, getting taken sick to hospital with what was described as a “body cramp”, and suddenly passing away that same day, is an utter tragedy.

He may have never played First Grade for the Silvertails, but Keith, for better or worse, will forever be remembered in history as the last player to score a try in the old Under 20s competition, which just happened to be the try next to the posts that won Manly the 2017 Holden Cup Grand Final with 70 seconds to go.

Too young.

Far too young.

The Aron Baynes Fan Club moves to Toronto

And let’s just say this is a match made in heaven.

The name tAronto Raptors just rolls off the tongue, and given they have to start the NBA season down in Tampa Bay with the Canadian border slammed and wired shut, the name Tampa Baynes fits like Cinderella into a slipper.

A live look in at Wally Lewis Medal winner Cameron Munster, 6 days after Origin III

What I’m hoping to see in the Wayne Gardner Documentary

I’ve honestly been looking forward to this more than the Peter Brock or Steve Waugh documentaries – 8:30pm tonight on the old Aunty.

If he was interviewed (And considering this was released in 2018 I should know by now), I’d be damn interested to see what Jeremy Burgess has to say, considering he was Wayne’s crew chief in his title year of 1987, right up until Mick Doohan joined Honda in 1989, and Jerry ultimately commandeered Mick and later Valentino Rossi to a lazy 12 more premier class titles.

From what I also saw, a certain Nick Harris (The English-speaking voice of MotoGP for some 20 years) made an appearance describing a very infamous incident that occurred on Gardner’s 500cc debut on the 1983 Dutch TT, when Gardner hit the 1982 World Champion Franco Uncini in the head as he was scampering off the track following a highside, leaving Uncini in a coma, which the Italian did eventually recover from.

The Uncini accident is one of those horror near-death accidents from the 500cc era that many fans remember for how utterly shocking it was, like Barry Sheene’s 260km/h crash at Silverstone in 1982 which almost cost Baz his legs, and Wayne Rainey’s career ending accident at Misano in 1993, which paralyzed the 3-time World Champion from the chest down.

A coincidence I picked up on from the Portuguese Motorcycle Grand Prix

Miguel Oliveira in MotoGP started from Pole, set the Fastest Lap, and won the race.

Remy Gardner in Moto2 started from Pole, set the Fastest Lap, and won the race.

Raul Fernandez (Remy’s teammate in 2021) in Moto3 started from Pole, set the Fastest Lap, and won the race.

Out of the 3, Gardner was the only rider who didn’t lead every lap.

Going through the A-League fixture for 2020/21

So the season starts on December 27, but scrawling through the first page, one thing sticks out.

The Perth Glory aren’t scheduled to play their opening match until January 16 against Adelaide, most likely because they’re finishing off their Asian Champions League fixtures in Qatar and will need to quarantine, plus who knows what the WA Government are thinking about the interstate borders by then.

I believe they call that a ‘Quirk’.

This just in: Well-hung 65-year-old retiree walks his dog shirtless

Dear lord, Shark is, shall we say, ‘Well endowed.’

Anyway, time for the oldest golfing joke in the book:

Why wasn’t Greg Norman wearing a shirt?

Because he got a hole in one.

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