Why the heck would you want to ban the reverse sweep

A) It takes a tremendous amount of skill, which, unless I’m very much mistaken, is a fundamental component of the simple game of cricket.

B) There’s a huge element of risk involved in switch hitting, especially the small margin of error between a boundary and a cheap dismissal, making yourself look like a total dickhead.

But, executed correctly, you get results like a 100 metre 6 from Glenn Maxwell, the kind of shot that would make Ian Chappell throw his headset at the commentary box window.

Who gives a stuff about apparently disadvantaging the fielding side, the reverse sweep is another example of innovation in batting, which has been going on since W.G. Grace discovered there was such a thing as playing off your back foot.

Just look at how simple Maxwell makes it.

If ‘Mankading’ is still part of the game for the fielding side, then so should reverse sweeping deadset pies for 6.

As Simon Taufel was quoted as saying in the SMH, the game of cricket is not a science, it’s an art.

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