The knock-on effect of the ‘worst’ ball in Big Bash history

After getting clubbed into the 3rd tier by Tim ‘Craig’ David late in the Hobart Hurricanes innings, Heat bowler Lewis Gregory, aka John Howard, responded with what will go down as being in the Top 23 worst deliveries in Big Bash history, although some outlets would go as far as describing it as arguably THE WORST BALL in Big Bash history, given it didn’t even land on the pitch.

I’d dispute calling it the worst ball in Big Bash history, in fact, I wouldn’t even call it the worst Big Bash delivery ever bowled at The Gabba – Daniel Sams did this last year:

Although, when you consider what happened next, Gregory’s bowl might very well be the worst ever.

By law, a delivery that doesn’t land on the pitch is a no ball and free hit, and wouldn’t you know it, Tim David sent that free hit to the door of the Heat dressing room, where Chris Lynn gave him a round of applause.

So that’s a cheap 7 runs given up, as the Hurricanes were later all out for 150.

Now, here’s a quick reminder.

A few hours later, how many runs did the Heat lose by when Mark Steketee couldn’t get his bat grounded in the crease during Colin Ingram’s direct hit?

1 run.

So let’s see some of the ways the Heat have lost so far in Big Bash 10:

Gave up 65 off 25 balls to Daniel Sams and 92 runs off the last 7 overs to lose to the Thunder

Lost by 2 runs to the Strikers after Jimmy Peirson didn’t run on 3 consecutive deliveries in the final over, although it was that or let the No.11 take strike

Lost by 1 run to the Hurricanes because of a bouncing bat

Never change Heat, never change.

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