Farewell to you, Loose Bruce McAvaney

The VRC haven’t seen that special 150th Melbourne Cup since Bruce shot this promo

Anyway, straight to the point, here’s some great Bruce McAvaney calling moments to remember:

The Channel 10 race calling days

Here’s McAvaney’s call of the 1985 Melbourne Cup, won by What A Nuisance in the last stride from Koiro Corrie May:

The 1987 edition of the Australian Cup between Melbourne Cup winner At Talaq and Cox Plate winner Bonecrusher… Unlike Bill Collins, Bruce made the great mistake of thinking the Kiwi champion had been rolled by At Talaq, but Bonecrusher wouldn’t be denied.

And one of his last major calls before joining Channel 7 was the notorious ’88 Australian Cup, when Dandy Andy at 125/1 came from absolutely nowhere to cut down Vo Rogue, a win that cost the bare-footed Queenslander a hat-trick of Australian Cups, considering he comfortably won the race in 1989 and 1990.

You don’t really see many commentators go from race calling to sportscasting these days – Peter Donegan and Ray Warren achieved it with great success in the 1980s, and more recently Matt Hill has managed to combine both by becoming the No.1 race caller in Victoria, in addition to covering several Olympic Games and calling matches at the Australian Open.

Single-handedly willing Cathy Freeman over the line on September 25, 2000

Calling home the ‘The Emperor’ Haile Gebrselassie over Paul Tergat in the 10,000m final that same night

And the perfectly timed ‘Kenya believe it’ as well…. that night wasn’t just one of the greatest nights of modern athletics, it was probably the zenith of McAvaney.

Describing Cyril Rioli as delicious, which proved the start of their blossoming romance

Gee, you get the feeling Bruce had a thing for Junior Boy, don’t you?

The most unexpected impression of a Tiger you’d ever hear when describing a Richmond comeback

Perfectly encapsulating the Gary Moorcroft Mark Of The Year in 2001

I think it did get on CNN, Bruce.

Leading some kind of Macarena to mark the end of Channel 7’s Cup Carnival coverage in 2018


The Affirmation Compilation

And to think – That was JUST from the 2018 Grand Final.

His out of context display of the middle finger to Bristle

Now for context, this was after St Kilda belted GWS in Round 17 of 2020, and Loose Bruce was describing things he enjoyed about watching St Kilda in 2020.

Another highlight of the Sydney Olympics – Bruce 2000

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