Just Alex de Minaur and John Millman in a 44 shot rally at Rotterdam

Seriously, try watching the whole thing without losing your concentration:

From the ATP’s Tennis TV Twitter (Posted March 2, 2020)

Not only is it the fact that it lasted 44 shots, but that it ended with de Minaur running down that angled forehand from Millman and ripping out an ungodly forehand winner that landed smack bang on the line:

Copyright: Tennis TV

And, there was Millman’s reaction to playing a near-perfect point, and somehow still being denied by The Demon:

Although Millman did eventually hold on that service game, de Minaur held serve next time around for 5-4, and broke Millman next time around with his only match point to seal the win 6-1 6-4.

Poor old Johnny – He can’t take a trick this year, can he…..

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