Some random moments from Round 1 of the AFL

Alastair Clarkson becoming the first coach to pull a “Did someone mention KFC?” in a press conference


For context, KFC are now a major sponsor of Hawthorn, and Connor Downie was the Hawks’ 23rd player/medical substitute…

It was his debut.

Since when did CUB name a beer in honour of Carlton’s win total in 2021

Maybe it’s appropriate that it ended up as a sponsor of Collingwood:

Collingwood let the Bird Team Alliance down

Bristle’s commentary on Toby Greene’s specky was as boring as batshit

For god’s sake, I’ve heard racecallers make Class 1s at boring joints like Corowa sound more interesting.

The context of Jack Lonie’s superfreak of a goal makes it even better

On a wet and wild weekend in Sydney, the Saints hadn’t scored after 14 minutes played in the final quarter, while the Giants kicked 2.3 and were 2 goals up with all the momentum, and the rule of thumb is wet games are harder to score in.

After Lonie kicked what may very well be the Goal Of The Week for Round 1, the Saints came home with a wet sail and kicked 3.2 to 1 goal and won by 8 points, despite having just under half of their best 22 on the sidelines.

You can talk about moments of inspiration – That was one of them.

Jimmy Rowe pulls more theatrics than Normie Rowe after kicking a goal

In fairness to him, he earned the right.

Former Parsons Avenue resident Logan McDonald kicks his first career goal from 50 metres out on the run

To think, Logan kicked 3 goals on debut against the Lions, and he wasn’t even the best Swans player to kick 3 goals on debut on Saturday nightbecause Errol Gulden happened.

Tom Papley pulls an Eric Cantona during a crowd surf

From the Fox Footy Twitter

Well, a positive for Ben Rutten is that he’s already broken a record after one game in charge of the Bombers

Dylan Moore Moore Moore, how do you like it

From the AFL Twitter

There were 35 players on the ground on Thursday night, and Dustin Martin

“Mate, I literally tap it for a living”

Umpire: “Throw! Essendon.”

Ben McEvoy: “I didn’t pick it up.”

Umpire: “I thought you threw it out.”

McEvoy: “Mate, I literally tap it for a living.”

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