Some random moments from Round 2 of the AFL

Solid Pirates of the Caribbean reference from AWS (Link)

Carlton crack the new record – Most consecutive 0-2 starts in VFL/AFL History

Here’s another random fact – Melbourne didn’t win in Round 1 for 9 consecutive seasons between 2006 and 2014, but they’re only part of the 4 teams stuck on 5, thanks to Ryan O’Keefe missing a snap at goal with a minute to go in Round 1 of 2011, which saw the Demons draw with Sydney.

It’s the only drawn Round 1 game since 1982.

Ed Sheeran experiencing the soul crushing lows of supporting St Kilda

He’s actually wearing a Mushroom Records scarf, which was a nice touch to Michael

It’s all Michael Gudinski and Molly Meldrum’s fault…. Why couldn’t they support a successful club who had a massive premiership drought like Richmond?

I’m seeing double here…. four Nathan Joneses!

Proof that Dustin Martin got Don’t Argued by Changkuoth Jiath

Whose the cat that won’t cop out, when there’s danger all about?


Right on….

Tex Walker finished with 4 tackles Inside 50 that ended in Holding The Ball decisions against the Swans, just to give Brisbane fans PTSD from Friday Night

A rather accurate 6 goals 3 behinds for Tex (Plus 4.2 for Shane McAdam), on a day where the Crows kicked a putrid 11.22.

The Tex Redemption Arc is in full swing with 11 goals through 2 rounds to lead the Coleman Medal by 3 goals.


It was quite appropriate that the Michael Gibbons blind turn dribble goal that probably shouldn’t have been occurred in the Wayne Harmes Pocket of the MCG:

But it wasn’t even the best goal at the City End of the MCG on Thursday night, because Taylor Adams exists

And amazingly, neither of those two will be Goal of the Week, because Kysaiah Pickett did this against St Kilda

Two times that Brisbane were off by 1 on Friday

1.The scoreboard

2. Lachie Neale trying to predict how many weeks Gary Rohan would get for punching him off the ball

Chris Scott having a heated chat to Joe Daniher during the quarter time break

“My facial hair is better looking than yours, Chris!”

Gary Rohan naturally playing on from a mark in the goal square to slam home a Cats goal…. only to get beaten by the Half-Time siren as a consequence.

From the AFL Twitter

Caleb Daniel recreating the Graeme Allan-Simon Beasley turnover from 1984

From the 7AFL Twitter

Liam Ryan sells the entire bloody candy shop to Ryan Gardner

Some serious Ryan on Ryan crime there.

Angus Brayshaw on a sweet trip to the candy shop

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