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Crazy Craig’s Tips of the Day Review: 27th March

Annavisto proves why they call him CRAAAAAAAAZY CRAIG

Well I’d say those few weeks in splendid isolation for Crazy Craig have both done us the world of good, especially after The Boy From Bairnsdale pulled the phone out of the socket again and didn’t go to Shepparton to celebrate 25 years of meeting one of his mates on Golden Slipper Day 1996, which, coincidentally, was also a good day for the Freedmans, just as today was.

We can confirm a message arrived from Shepparton to the phone of my good contact Mr Alfonse on Friday afternoon:


Anyway, those of you who saw yesterday’s report will note that right off the top, I listed Stay Inside as the OMEN BET of the Golden Slipper.

Much to my shock and horror, Tommy Berry didn’t let me down!

From the 7 Horse Racing Twitter

And, just to cap off a good day, my only bet of the day was following Crazy Craig with a place bet on Tricky Gal (At $3.80) in the last at Rosehill, and with Manning Memorial being nigh on overwhelmed with patrons after having to host a Saturday bowls meeting (On 5 days notice) and an engagement party, I didn’t even get to check my phone until a good half-hour after the race, and thankfully, the Gal had run 2nd.

All in all, I’d say it was a good Saturday, especially for those folks with LUCKY LIPS

Pick 1 – Annavisto in the Bendigo Guineas – WINNER

Here’s a funny fact – Friday saw me bring up my 888th post.

Annavisto was number 8, and she drew barrier 8.

I think the Chinese, and my Waterford TAB colleague The Gabster, would describe that as good luck.

But, the main reason for Annavisto winning was that Jamie Kah hopped on a filly that over raced after being dragged back, and this time around, she gave it a much more positive ride, and the end result was a win in relative comfort after leading all the way, as Mozzie Monster (Who got way too far back) provided us with the rare sight of something in Richmond colours finishing runner-up.

A very pleasant replay to watch, and the added bonus was it also goes down as a win for The Gabster’s No.8, although I doubt Gabby had any involvement, as he’s told me many times that he doesn’t bet in Melbourne…. Even though Bendigo isn’t even close to Melbourne.

Pick 2 – Tricky Gal E/W in the Birthday Card Stakes at Rosehill – 2nd (Correct)

Seasons had the Birthday Card field covered and ran away with the win, making it the second win by something in red and green this weekend, but importantly for the each-way bet of the day, sneaking home along the rail to pinch 2nd in the shadows of the post was Tricky Gal, who bounced back from a forget run in the Coolmore Classic with a much improved showing.

I didn’t see the race live, and thank Jebus I didn’t, because I would’ve had a heart attack watching that driving finish for the minors with Wandabaa and Air To Air out wide and Tricky Gal scooting home along the rail, but from the E/W perspective, it worked out.

Although, the same can’t be said for my dear friend Half Price, who stood Tricky Gal out in his trifecta after I told him about the pick last night.

The pain, the horrible pain.

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