Some random moments from Round 4 of the AFL

Surely the most unlikely part of a season that has seen Sydney come from nowhere to start the year 4-0 is that Melbourne have now gone 4 consecutive games without pulling a Melbourne for the first time since 1994

Jobe Watson’s Jobeisms

Once we had Murray Walker with his Murrayisms, Dennis Cometti had his Cometti-isms, now we have Jobi-wan and his Jobeisms from Channel 7’s Thursday night broadcast:

After another strange umpiring decision:

“The umpires are INTERPRETATING a player who just, maybe, didn’t execute it correctly”

Audio from Channel 7

After Isaac Heeney spilled a mark that led to a Bombers goal in the 2nd Quarter:

“Isaac Heeney dropped a mark that he would’ve kicked”

When the scores were tied at 72 in the final term:

“Which team can outwear the other one”

On Sydney and Essendon in close games:

“It seems to be the STANDUS OPERATUS for these two teams”

We might have to get on to Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner to check on ‘Interpretate’

Essendon fans shout in unison that they love Big Cox

From the 7AFL Twitter

Nik Cox also has another claim to fame in Sydney – His older sister won Australia’s Next Top Model in 2011, in case you didn’t know.

A ruck contest between gentle giants Touk Miller (178cm) and Ed Curnow (182cm)

And for a bloke who barely reaches 5 foot 9, that was a lovely tap from Touk:

It’s a one way trip to the candy shop

The Ken Hinkley-led Port Adelaide are now 9-1 against the reigning Premiers during the Home & Away season

2013: Defeated Sydney in Round 13

2014: Defeated Hawthorn in Round 10

2015: Defeated Hawthorn in Round 4 & Round 21

2016: Lost to Hawthorn in Round 16

2017: Defeated the Western Bulldogs in Round 22

2018: Defeated Richmond in Round 12

2019: Defeated West Coast in Round 5

2020: Defeated Richmond in Round 11

2021: Defeated Richmond in Round 4

The Accidental Goal Of The Year from Joe Daniher

Stephen Silvagni showing tremendous concern for his son after he popped his shoulder out in a tackle

And it should be noted that Jack did get a free kick for holding the ball, and Harry McKay took the kick and slotted what was the only goal of the final quarter.

Clarry Oliver attempts a Jeff Fehring-esque kick from 100m out on quarter time – It barely cracked 40 metres

From the 7AFL Twitter

Odd fact – Today (April 11) is 40 years to the day since the late Jeff Fehring kicked his famous 86-metre goal from the centre square against Collingwood at Moorabbin, albeit with a bit of wind assistance:

ALLEGEDLY dangerous

Jake Lever successfully defends the Alamo on his lonesome

Huddo makes thud sound like a No No Word

And finally, another edition to the Jack Darling Has A Brain Fart And Drops A Sitter Close To Goal At A Crucial Moment Of A Game Saga

And this one wasn’t at the Punt Road End of the MCG during a Grand Final.

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