Some random moments from Round 5 of the AFL

St Kilda against the Sash Teams in 2021

St Kilda: 16.20-116 Sashes 42.25-277

Oscar Allen replaces Auzzie The Eagle in providing the aerial theatrics on Friday night

From the 7AFL Twitter

While in the same play, Jeremy Howe went down for the night with a knee injury, and in a strange coincidence, Allen and Jack Darling got off the chain.

Still, it appears Auzzie was enjoying it, as she spent the night getting sloshed on Single Fin in the Locker Room Bar:

Based on the way Michael Gardiner’s tenure in Perth ended, Eagles aren’t good at handling alcohol.

Joel Selwood didn’t even play on Thursday night and he ends up in a classic coincidence

For the record, the 3 games:

Round 9 2008: Collingwood defeated Geelong 134-48

Round 4 2017: Geelong defeated Hawthorn 134-48

Round 5 2021: Richmond defeated St Kilda 134-48

Premiership ruckman Marlion Pickett easily walks past Brad Hill to kick a goal

That is the very definition of a Don’t Come Monday from Bradley.

Jack ties Nick in Maddie’s Match

4-goal hauls by both Riewoldts: 66

St Kilda’s only Premiership: ’66

Josh Dunkley kicks a goal with a Wrong’un

Will Hayward is possessed by the spirit of Bruce Lee

Josh Kelly and Toby Greene’s efforts to power the Dark Mode Giants in the last 4 minutes

Moment 1: Kelly’s high kick Inside 50 that Greene marked and goaled from with 3:29 to go, ending Toby’s putrid run of 7 behinds and cutting the Swans’ lead to 4 points:

Moment 2: Kelly kicks the game-winning goal, Nick Davis style, from a Forward 50 stoppage with 1:06 to play.

The Dark Mode Giants are the greatest footballing phenomenon since the Thor Bulldogs in Round 1 of 2019.

Funnily enough, both the Dogs and Giants wore those guernseys against the Swans.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Carlton take out a restraining order against Robbie Gray after the things he’s done to them

First it was the Goal after the Siren, now it’s this 360.

Shame the kick to Hamish Hartlett on his way to an open goal didn’t work out.

The Lions’ hat-trick on Saturday

AFLW Grand Final: Brisbane 6.2-38 defeated Adelaide 3.2-20

VFL: Brisbane 15.14-104 defeated Essendon 5.8-38

AFL: Brisbane 15.12-102 defeated Essendon 6.9-45

And throw in Queensland winning the Sheffield Shield, it’s fair to say LIFE IS GREAT IN THE SUNSHINE STATE!

Josh Bruce, leading St Kilda’s goalkicking despite not having played for the Saints since 2019

Obviously it’s a few of those ex-Saints players at Fox Footy living in denial.

A slow-motion depiction of the final 14 minutes of Hawthorn vs Melbourne

From the 7AFL Twitter

Never forget that this happened

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