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Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day Review: 17th April

Where the **** did Nettoyer come from?

Hello all, JT reporting back here after a big day out at Hilton for the Community Shield, which came a mere 12 hours after I pulled an 8.5 hour shift at the Manning Bowling Club to serve the country folk (From Williams if my rattled brain is correct), who had come to town for a wake.

The last thing I remember is that I punched in at 3pm and punched out at 11:30, and the reliable word I’ve had is that they didn’t stop drinking until 1am, after putting in a good $10,000 through the tills.

Fair dinkum, there are some Sherman Piss-Tanks that roam country towns.

Anyway, moving to Crazy Craig’s picks today, and having no time to watch the races, let alone punt on them, I was only able to follow him on one of his Craaaazy picks, and that was Probabeel in the Queen Of The Turf, and just before we kicked off the final game, I watched the horror show unfold as Nettoyer ran her down just shy of the post, with the only saving grace being the money back for 2nd.

Probably should’ve just gone for Addeybb in that two-horse Queen Elizabeth and enjoyed the fireworks.

Now that’s the kind of race that gets people trackside.

Gemmahra E/W in Race 3 at Randwick – 13th out of 15

From 7 Horse Racing

No wonder Gemmahra ran like a busted arse…. she had The Gabster’s cursed number 8 weighing her down!

Anyway, Crazy Craig’s Each-Way placing run had to come to an end at some point, and as it turns out, Gemmahra just wasn’t the right Each-Way play for the day, and I swear to you, standing out there at Hilton Park, I could hear a faint echo from Bairnsdale as the madman told quite a few people to get effed when she began drifting back after getting what could be best described as a fairly cushy run.

Still, at least he didn’t pick Pandano at the shorts, because Cristal Breeze got the drop and ruined many chalk eaters across the nation to take out the Provincial Championships Final.

The Stewards Report may provide a mild excuse for Gemmahra:

“Rider G Boss reported on pulling up the mare was displaying an abnormal respiratory noise. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Trainer Ms G Markwell was advised a veterinary examination including the results of an endoscopic examination would be required prior to Gemmahra barrier trialling or racing again.”

Well, based on that performance, we wouldn’t be missing much either way.

Probabeel in the Queen Of The Turf Stakes at Randwick – 2nd

From the 7 Horse Racing Twitter

Only one thing I need to say about that:

Nettoyer… seriously.

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