Analysing JT’s Round 7 NRL Picks

So the Dragons are up 6-4 with under 10 minutes to go until Half Time at the SCG… What’s the best way to ruin everything?

Well, I’d call Round 7 a good one for the tips, primarily for the fact that I didn’t get 5/8… I got 6/8!

On another note, here’s the fun fact of the day:

Since Josh McGuire was given an early release from North Queensland, the Cowboys have won 3 out of 3 games.

Since he joined St George-Illawarra, the Dragons have lost back to back games.

Penrith Panthers 24 defeated Newcastle Knights 6 – Correct

In addition to being the first team to start 7-0 since the Storm in 2013, Brian To’o set a single game running metres record for wingers with a lazy 337 for the Panthers, and here’s a barely believable fact about the Mountain Men:

They’ve won the most recent game they’ve played against all of the other 15 NRL teams.

They hadn’t played the Knights since the draw in Round 3 2020, they avenged the Round 5 defeat to the Eels (Their last Home & Away defeat) later on in Round 18 of 2020, and they won the Grand Final rematch against the Storm in Round 3 of this season.

I’m not sure if that’s happened ever, but in any case, a well done to the Riff.

South Sydney Rabbitohs 40 defeated Gold Coast Titans 30 – Correct

A wild old Friday evening at Robina, as David Fifita scored a hat-trick in the opening half-hour, the Titans scored a 100 metre relay try, and put up 30 points on a Bunnies defence that had only given up more than 20 points once all season, and yet, the understaffed Rabbits still found a way to win, thanks to the majesty of Old Man Marshall.

Parramatta Eels 46 defeated Brisbane Broncos 6 – Correct

Go to 9:50 for a surprise appearance from the Karate Kid

A ‘Kev-estating’ defeat for the Broncos in Darwin, and it now means that from their last 5 games head-to-head, the Eels have won all five by a collective scoreline of 188-40.

The Kevolution is proceeding at a snail’s pace, to say the least.

Canterbury Bulldogs 18 defeated Cronulla Sharks 12 – Incorrect

It was my uncle Russell’s 61st birthday on Saturday, and being a dyed in the wool Berries supporter, I reckon he got the best surprise birthday present of all.

The Dogs getting their first win of 2021, and their first under Trent Barrett, in the same game where they became the first team to activate the new 18th player, and much like Trent on the sidelines at Kogarah, I’d put good money on Rusty being in tears at his home on the Insular Peninsula when the siren went.

As for the Sharks, well, I’d say that if they weren’t already, they’re now screwed with a capital F.

North Queensland Cowboys 26 defeated Canberra Raiders 24 – Incorrect

A great performance by Jarrod Croker for the Cowboys

Bugger it, here’s Life At The Outpost again, to remind you that if you give your love to a Cowboy man, even when they’re 18 points down, they’ll still love you as hard as he can:

The fact that I always love is that none of the people in the video are the Skatt Brothers

Just think, the Skatt Brothers were marketed as an alternative to The Village People….

Because nothing says “Alternative to the Village People” like shirtless cowboys dancing around a pool table.

Manly Sea Eagles 40 defeated Wests Tigers 6 – Correct

The sense of dread I get from watching Hawthorn attempt to play football is nothing compared to the sense of dread that Sea Eagles get from seeing Tom Trbojevic explode through a defensive line and set up try after try without his hamstrings exploding simultaneously.

O’ Madgey boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling.

Sydney Roosters 34 defeated St George-Illawarra 10 – Correct


Sam Walker 14 defeated St George-Illawarra 10

Yep, an 18-year-old in his fourth game outscored a professional rugbaleeg team.

Congratulations Samuel, enjoy the 2 points.

Melbourne Storm 42 defeated New Zealand Warriors 20 – Correct

Here’s an artist’s impression (I believe he goes by the name of Robert Zemeckis) of what happened to the Warriors after Sam Curran was questionably sin binned for the tackle that left himself and George Jennings with separate cases of whiplash:

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