Tuesday Tithbits: 27th April

The last Tuesday report for April, and as we put one national day of commemoration behind us, Australia reaches another one tomorrow, with it being 25 years since the Port Arthur Massacre:

Martin Bryant’s killing spree coming 9 years after then-New South Wales premier Barrie Unsworth’s unfortunately accurate prediction at a national gun summit in the Apple Isle:

“It will take a massacre in Tasmania before we get gun reform in Australia.

Happy one year anniversary to one of the great quotes of the first Coronavirus Lockdown, from 1996 Nobel Laureate & 1997 Australian of the Year Professor Peter Doherty

In memory of John Konrads, here’s a classic black & white film, complete with funny voice-over, about the Konrad Kids (John and Ilsa)

You can go on about those boring arse life stories that Channel 9 will dole out before State Of Origin, but someone like John Konrads, and his sister Ilsa for that matter, have got one heck of a life story:

Born in Latvia when it was occupied by the Nazis, they escaped to Germany before the Soviets reclaimed the country, got rejected for immigration to the United States due to their family size (Parents, 3 siblings and grandmother), eventually emigrated to Australia and wound up at a former RAAF base in Uranquinty, contracted polio as a kid, learned how to swim to rebuild his strength, eventually won 3 Gold Medals and set 3 World Records at the 1958 Empire Games, won the 1500m Freestyle Gold Medal at the Rome Olympics (To go with 2 Bronze Medals) two years later, and set a grand total of 26 individual World Records during his career, in an era where Murray Rose and Dawn Fraser stole the spotlight.

Now that’s a story.

On Sunday, Adelaide became the first team in history to score 16.3-99 in a VFL/AFL game

So as we can see from that graph in the link, no team has ever kicked 16.2-98, 11 teams in history have kicked 16.4-100 (Melbourne in Round 12 2020 being the most recent), but the Crows at York Park became the first to score exactly 16.3, in the same game where they became the first team in history to kick more than 12 goals in a half without registering a behind, and the first to register 15 goals without a miss.

It makes you wonder how they still failed to register 100 points, despite the half time scoreline being this:

So in conclusion, every team that has ever scored 16.3-99 in a game has lost.

That anti-lockdown protestor who The West Australian thought was a veteran parading on his own through the Perth CBD on Anzac Day looks like the priest from the start of The Fifth Element

Here is Michael Darby, who told everyone to honour the fallen:

And here is the Priest from the Fifth Element, the one who wasn’t portrayed by Sir Ian Holm:

Well it’s only been 24 years, they could be the same person.

Ashleigh Barty, the so-called Fake WTA No.1

Let’s go through why the knockers, who all seem to congregate about the Northern Hemisphere and love banging about Grand Slam titles instead of realising that players reach No.1 through consistency, can shove this ‘Fake No.1’ crap up their clackers:

The Porsche Tennis Grand Prix/Stuttgart title gives Barty 3 title wins in 2021, the most of any player on the WTA Tour in 2021.

Barty now has the outright lead in the WTA Tour Finals race (2471 vs Naomi Osaka on 2400).

Barty has now won 10 consecutive matches against Top 10-ranked WTA players, and in the last three matches, the Aussie came from a set down each time.

Barty is a proven winner on all three surfaces, while Osaka, despite being an absolute demon on hard courts, pretty much puts on the One Ring and disappears during clay & grass court season.

And most importantly, she’s won more Porsche Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismos than any other player this year:

Pictured: Rich kid gets Porsche for her birthday

In the face of a flight ban from India, Pat Cummins has guaranteed he’s getting a Good Bloke Flight back to Australia after the Indian Premier League finishes

And he doesn’t even have to convince the Australian Border Force that he’s been to the subcontinent for a wedding.

Falcon Watch 2021: Small child is sacrificed at the Adelaide Oval

As if forcing them to support St Kilda wasn’t painful enough.

Western United vs Newcastle Jets winds up as the first sub-1000 crowd (990) in A-League history, and that was apparently being generous

That game last night had the FOUR Fs.


Monday night after Anzac Day, two teams in forgettable form, the A-League scheduled the game in the Melbourne CBD despite the fact that the FFA apparently set up WU to encompass the Western Suburbs and Western Victoria, and Western United don’t even have a big fanbase to begin with.

Even the Wellington Phoenix, who have to play home games in joints like Wollongong, have managed to pull 4 figure crowds – Heck, the two games Western United played in Launceston the week prior both got at least 2,500 spectators.

Someone like The Wealdstone Raider would have a field day with the 4 Western United fans that actually exist, because THEY GOT NO FANS, AND THEY GOT NO GROUND.

The one key chance of an Australian being drafted in the NFL Draft this weekend


If there’s a team desperate enough to draft a specialist player on Night 3 (Which will be our Sunday morning) in the 6th or 7th round, then you can expect Max will come into play, even as he’s already been picked by the Toronto Argonauts in the Canadian Football League Global Draft.

Actually, when you think about that fact, Max was picked in the AFL Draft (Fremantle with Pick 39 in 2012), he’s now been picked in the CFL Draft, even though he’ll probably never set foot in the Great White North, and there’s a chance he’ll complete the historic trifecta of being picked in the NFL Draft.

I’d love to see a shot on the face of his dad, the one and only Manning Jack Attack Hall of Famer John Duffy, if the fairytale does come true.

Duff is the only Manning Jack Attack player to ever appear on ESPN

The Wests Tigers Twitter Story by Ross Catanzariti, a tale to rival The Hobbit, gets another chapter following the Anzac Day hiding

And finally, this is apparently my 800th consecutive day with a post on this website

By comparison, Cal Ripken Jnr’s Iron Man streak for the Balitmore Orioles was 2,632 games over 17 years, after breaking Lou Gehrig’s unbreakable 2,130 game streak in 1995..

I’ve got a ways to go yet.

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