Some random moments from Round 10 of the AFL season

Collingwood didn’t even have the courtesy to provide cold water before they burned Port

Nobody’s seen burns like that at Collingwood since Scott Burns was still in his playing days.

Still, there’d be people who would say the better burn was this one:

The Return of Ninthmond

Cue the music:

The Brisbane Lions 20 year omen is chugging along

We should remember in regards to that 2nd Point – In both years, they lost to the Bulldogs in Round 4.

Jarryd Lyons and Mitch Robinson demonstrating the counter to Dusty’s Don’t Argue

Elliot Yeo used the arm slap on Dusty in Round 9 of 2018 with great success, and it looks like someone sent the tape up to the Sunshine State:

And Robbo employed Drop Bear tactics to bring down Dusty:

That Robbo tackle actually sounds better when you watch it with this classic Brian Taylor line from last year:

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Man on the Mark, Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Man on the Mark!

Shitload of good that did, because Tom Lynch sent the kick straight over Harris’ head for a goal:

Daniel Howe submitting this week’s contender for the “It Happens” moment of the Round with the Half Time floater that got through for a goal

Originally tweeted by Fox Footy

So amazing, so stupid, and so very preventable.

Thanks to the Adelaide-Melbourne result, we have the 2021 Potato Of Parity

Funnily enough, the 2020 Potato was also completed by Adelaide winning a game!

Nat Fyfe stuns everyone by kicking not only kicking a goal, but kicking the winning goal

Jacob Koschitzke suffers the classic Nick Riewoldt Librarian play from Nic Newman

Chad Wingard is brutally assassinated by Marc Murphy

Ryan Byrnes solves St Kilda’s goalkicking issues – You can’t kick behinds if you don’t make the distance

One thing you’ll also notice is Hayden Crozier performing the hippy hippy shake on the mark, and that said, St Kilda actually kicked much better in front of goal this week!

Bailey Fritsch going straight into the Dribble File with this effort from 10 metres out

Reminder – Melbourne lost by a point.

Ben McKay = Un-Australian

No wonder the Melbourne players close to the ball weren’t massively whinging about a lack of a deliberate call at the end of Saturday night

I’m no scientist, but it looks like Charlie Spargo got a big piece of the ball and sent it at left angles, which made it look blatantly deliberate:

Technically the correct call – The best kind of call.

Why does every player heat map end up looking like a dick

By the looks of that, Dev might need a bit of Viagra.

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