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Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day Review: 22nd May

Well it’s fair to say the only Group 1 of the day at Doomben proved to be the highlight of the day, and I’m no expert by any measure, but Zaaki’s demolition job in the Doomben Cup has to be the biggest winning margin in a Group 1 since Winx’s 2017 Turnbull win – Annabel Neasham’s mare officially won by 7 LENGTHS to Toffee Tongue, which is unheard of in this post-Winx world!

From 7 Horse Racing

On another note, I think Glen Boss was right – Zaaki’s only beaten non-winners like Sir Dragonet and Mugatoo, and speaking of which, have either of them finished that Doomben Cup yet, because they had a worse run than Willie Rioli through Darwin Airport.

Now, on to the most important part of the Review, and that was Crazy Craig’s performance… well, there isn’t that much to write home about, because he couldn’t even pick a runner that finished within 5 lengths of the winner, in what was easily the worst performance by CC since he got his own show a few months back.

Still, at least we stayed away from Flemington, because Good Lord, I saw the dividends from the Straight Six in Race 8 and shuddered in terror:

125/1 winner in Romancer, I’m Telling Ya runs 2nd at 23/1, Irish Songs 3rd at 51/1, Aramayo 4th at 81/1, and the end result was a $128,911 First 4 payout.

Sweet Zombie Jesus.

Ranier E/W in the BRC Spring at Doomben – 9th, Heart As Big As A Pea

From 7 Horse Racing

Bloody hell, that performance from Ranier was so ordinary I couldn’t even see him through that giant bloody glare from the Brisbane sun while the horses were going down the back straight:

Actually, it isn’t that hard to pick him out, considering all you need to know is he was near the rear, and he stayed there.

Real Grace in Race 6 at Belmont – Stone Motherless

Bloody awful performance from the favourite, and the market drift proved to be spot on – She never settled in the run, and the moment she copped a bit of a squeeze in the straight, she just gave up and didn’t beat a runner home.

Rather appropriately, it started pissing down in Perth no more than 20 minutes after the race…. And, as of the time of writing this sentence, it is not stopping:

Trust me, Perth is in there somewhere.

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