JT’s Wednesday Whackjob: 2nd June

Good Lord, it’s June already?

JT’s State of Origin All-Stars are coming back before Origin I next Wednesday

And let me tell you, the Blues and Maroons may have unveiled their teams for Townsville, but WATCH OUT next Wednesday for the long-awaited debut of the New South Wales All-Stars, and as the captain of the Queensland All-Stars Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen would say…

Not surprising to see Dreamtime in The West go gangbusters

It took a mere 17 hours to sell out, and to me it’s not surprising in the slightest:

A) Essendon arguably have the biggest fanbase of any interstate AFL club in WA

B) It’s Richmond playing in Perth for the first time in 2 years, so the WA Tiger Army will get around it as they always do

C) You’ll get a heap of neutral fans (Mainly Eagles and Dockers fans) who just want to see one of the great marquee games of the season

D) Some people just want to experience The Long Walk along the Swan River and over the Matagarup Bridge with Michael Long and Gavin Wanganeen, and the pre-game Welcome To Country

And the big one for me:

E) They’re playing a Dreamtime game on Noongar lands, which is like Christmas come early for a footy-mad people who have produced an extraordinary number of great players for our national game, out of a population of just over 20,000.

Cable, Farmer, Franklin, Winmar, Michael, the Materas, the Krakouers, the Kicketts, the Collards, the Jettas, the Garletts, the Picketts, the Hills… and that’s barely scratching the surface.

Consider this – The Legend himself Kevin Sheedy, who helped create the Dreamtime game, was on the panel for assembling the Indigenous Team of the Century in 2005, and helped put together a Noongar ‘All-Star’ team with Barry Cable and Grant Dorrington in 2014, said this about the Noongar contribution to the game and how it hadn’t been fully appreciated:

“It is a great story not only in football, but in Australian history.”

“The Aboriginal people have never got what they deserve and in this situation, this is the best tribe in Australia.

“They are the Zulus of this nation, they are warriors and to me, it’s about giving credit where credit is due.

“This race of indigenous people have been magnificent for our game and one of the great stories, historically, in the AFL.”

Saturday night – it’s going to go nuts in Burswood.

This is already my third-favourite weekend of the AFL season and it’s still Wednesday

The reason?


Late to the party, but what a fantastic all-round failure the Naomi Osaka French Open situation is

So let’s go through the parties:

Naomi, who didn’t want to talk to the French Tennis Federation about not doing press conferences prior to the tournament beginning, then her team not making the situation any better by leaking stuff on Reddit about what was going on behind the scenes.

The FFT and the other 3 Grand Slams releasing a statement about Osaka to fine her for not doing the mandatory presser (Under the rules), then threatening to drop the tennis equivalent of the nuclear bomb on her by defaulting her if she didn’t start doing pressers again.

And that was before they realised “Hm, this mental health thing is pretty real, eh”

Next, the ignorant Blue Tickers on Twitter who only just realised the French Open was on, that tennis was still a sport, and decided to jump on the Osaka bandwagon and shout down any who would dare question her methods

And the media, who took one small slight by a top player against them and tried making her feel even worse, which explains why she brought up the 2018 US Open again.

In Naomi’s defence, this whole thing also started because she got sick of people asking her about her clay court record…. Well, she didn’t lose a match at Roland Garros this year!

People bagging Alexei Popyrin for not serving out that 3rd Set against Rafa last night should put things into perspective

He’s 21 years old playing against someone who has a lazy 100 WINS out of 102 matches with 13 titles at the French Open, has more STRAIGHT SETS WINS at Roland Garros (82) than the player with the second-most WINS (Novak Djokovic on 74) has victories full stop, hasn’t given up a set at the tournament since the 2019 Final, and has only given up a set in a match at RG to a grand total of 15 players in 16 years:

  1. Sebastien Grosjean
  2. Mariano Puerta
  3. Roger Federer
  4. Paul-Henri Mathieu
  5. Lleyton Hewitt
  6. Robin Soderling
  7. John Isner
  8. Novak Djokovic
  9. Daniel Brands
  10. Martin Klizan
  11. David Ferrer
  12. Jack Sock
  13. Diego Schwartzman
  14. David Goffin
  15. Dominic Thiem

No wonder he got nervous.

It’s great to see Celtic fans and club greats are only worried about the Hoops trying to hire Ange Postecoglou because he’s unknown in Europe due to lacking experience managing European clubs

Back in the old days, fans of the Bhoys would only try and stop a managerial appointment if they were a proddy, wore anything resembling orange and liked going on marches.

WAIT A MINUTE, Ange has proudly displayed orange before, during the glory years at the Brisbane Roar….


Australia vs Spain on two wheels, 25 years apart

Italy 2021: Remy Gardner defeats Raul Fernandez by 0.017s

Czech Republic 1996: Alex Criville defeats Mick Doohan by 0.002s

Let’s hope they don’t collide into each other on the last lap in Australia like Mick and Alex did.

Mercedes finally getting Valtteri Bottas’ wheel off after welding it onto the car in Monaco

What would make that video even better is if someone edited in that interrupted cutaway of Lance Stroll jumping over the Swimming Pool chicane right as they took the wheel off, because that meme is going gangbusters right now:

Finally, if you try to propose a settlement with a public broadcaster while you’ve launched a defamation claim against them, before you withdraw the claim without getting an apology, a retracted article or damages from them, while claiming it as some kind of humiliating backdown on the broadcaster’s part….

Did you really win?

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