The fantastically cruel and calamitous ending to North Melbourne-GWS

So for starters, GWS came from 28 points down at 3/4 time against the team in stone motherless last with one win, to get within a kick as the game entered time on, with Josh Kelly ramping up the one-man rampage he’d carried out against North all afternoon:

No wonder North offered him the war chest

With North still leading by under a goal with 2 minutes to go, Jy Simpkin attempts a clearing kick out of defence, but shanks it out on the full and hands the ball straight back to the Giants inside their forward 50:

After some conjecture, milestone man Sam Reid gets the ball, and with everyone knowing that he was going to centre it and hope for a mark, North don’t bother to put anyone on Daniel Lloyd, who had got the Giants within a goal after roosting one from 50 out a few minutes prior, and with a free run at the ball, Lloyd marked 20 metres out dead in front, and tied the scores at 14.10-94 apiece.

Perfectly timed still of Toby Greene’s face

Next, after getting the ball back in the final minute and keeping it in the field of play, Kelly flicked a handball up to Harry Himmelberg, who tapped it down perfectly to Matt de Boer, who handballed it on to Lloyd 40 metres out on a tough angle, and after tying the scores, Dan could’ve proven himself the ultimate hero needing only a point to win it…

Alas, Daniel pulled what could be called a Sticks Kernahan – Needing a measly behind, HE KICKED IT OUT ON THE FULL.

Then with only 10 seconds remaining and North pretty much taking a draw as a best case scenario, Aaron Hall decided to play on and shank another kick out on the full 60 metres out from the Giants’ goal, right as the siren sounded, giving Adam Kennedy a miracle shot after the siren, in scenes resembling Malcolm Blight at Princes Park in 1976:

However, Malcolm Blight, he is not.

So for the first time this year – IT’S TIME TO PLAY THE DRAW SONG

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