Some random moments from Round 13 of the AFL season

As a tribute to Nathan Buckley, ladies and gentlemen, Mr Frank Sinatra!

Further proof that the universe entered an alternate timeline in March 2020

Between 2012 to 2019, Geelong couldn’t win after their bye.

They’ve now won after their bye in consecutive years.

Jobe Watson with more golden Jobeisms on Channel 7

On the Adelaide Oval: “It is a great amplitheatre”

On Geelong having 20 contested marks to Port’s 6: That’s a big discrepan… discretion between them and Port”

He actually had it right the first time

During a conversation on Thursday night: “It’s taxing from a sense that you have to be thinking all the time”

When that Eagles supporter held up the sign with a marriage proposal for Dustin Martin: “He translates all supporters”

3rd Quarter, 13 minutes to go: “That was textbook Richmond ball style game movement there”

Well it is a ball style game.

And, during the Eagles-Tigers game, mixing up his Atlanta bird teams and their respective sports: “Trae Young of the Atlanta Falcons”

Jobe, you’re a modern day Murray Walker.

The oblong Sherrin doing its thing to Karl Amon

It should be noted that turned into a 7-point play, because Isaac Smith rushed the behind, then Port got the ball back and Charlie Dixon goaled from a contested mark.

Chris Scott reaction GIF number 4578

The cascade of calamities in the final 2 minutes of North Melbourne vs GWS

  1. Jy Simpkin tries finding a teammate, and succeeds in shanking his kick out on the full to give the Giants the ball back Inside 50:

2. North don’t bother putting anyone on Daniel Lloyd, who had kicked a goal a few minutes prior, giving Lloydy a free run at the centering kick, which he marked and goaled from to tie the scores:

3. After the Giants will the ball forward, Lloyd gets one last shot at goal from a tough angle, needing only a point to win it for the Giants and to make a hero out of himself…. and he kicks it out on the full

And the fourth and final one, which didn’t amount to anything, Aaron Hall playing on with 5 seconds to go and kicking out on the full just before the siren went, giving Adam Kennedy a failed torpedo after the siren:

And, it all resulted in another piece of history!

Shane Mumford ending Tarryn Thomas’ life mere seconds after GWS got a free kick

And let’s now go to the Fox Footy commentary of the incident:

Another vintage loss to the St Kilda collection

Hold the reigning wooden spooners scoreless for the opening 45 minutes in Cairns:

Only to kick 1 goal in the 2nd Half and watch as the once hapless Crows overrun them….

And just to cap it off, the Crowies take the lead for the first time all night with one minute to play, after an eight foot 18-year-old Riley Thilthorpe takes the piss out of them with an overhead goal.

Never change St Kilda, never change.

Damn son

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of a 119 joke, or as it’s known in Adelaide, ‘The Holy Number’, here’s the source:

The funniest part about Friday night was that Sydney didn’t even crack Hawthorn’s Half Time Score…. at the SCG

Yes, the Swans, the team in 6th and only percentage off the Top 4 after Round 12, couldn’t even crack the half time score of 17th-placed Hawthorn, the only team to lose to North Melbourne this season:

Jai ‘Duke’ Newcombe’ violating the 1.5 square metre rule 14 times on debut

An out of context Max Gawn, indicating what position Melbourne are on the ladder

What a solid mullet on that young kid with the Calvin Klein hoodie

Say, what’s that Eagles fan next to him doing?

Jack Graham mistaking Jack Redden’s head for a football while trying to dispose of the ball

David Mundy auditioning for the circus while kicking a goal

And finally, Nathan Buckley adds another one for the coincidences file – The same number of wins as a player and coach

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