Some random moments from Round 16 of the AFL season

Pictured: The only group of people with enough games of experience to rival Geelong’s playing list

The joint Port Adelaide & Hawthorn Guard of Honour for Shaun Burgoyne

It did make sense that Travis Boak would help chair off Silk, given he was the only Port player that played on Saturday night who was at the club when Silk was still there.

Robbie Gray is probably ruing his knee injury as you read this.

Hehehehehehehehehe Ninthmond

A live look at Adam Simpson

May be an image of text that says "SYDNEY 2021 TOYOTA AFL PREMIERSHIP Round 16 1 Sydney Swans V West Coast Eagles Sunday July 2021 11:10 AM (GMT+8) GMHBA STADIUM Geelong 118 18.10 FULL TIME Swans by 92 WEST COAST EAGLES 26 3.8"

Some 250 Gold Coast fans sledging the few Tigers fans that actually rocked up to Docklands

No wonder Dimma hates Marvel Stadium.

I can only think if that ground invader on Thursday night had just done a good old fashioned streak, he wouldn’t have been tackled by his loose jumper

Rookie error son, rookie error.

Tom Hawkins leaving an imprint of his face on the goal post after putting Geelong in front with a goal, though not by choice

And Tom Hawkins proving agile enough to turn into a rover and kick another goal as Sam Draper tried rushing a behind

Actually, the funny thing is Lachie Henderson did the exact same thing in the opening quarter to give Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti a goal:

Isaac Smith has Euro Fever

The random mention of DOWN THE MIDDLE YA BIG GALOOT

Was it Galoop or Galoot, either way, Rhys Stanley didn’t listen to him.

Bailey Fritsch with what will probably be Mark of the Week on the side of Lachie Whitfield’s head

Might be the second week in the row that someone takes Mark of the Week against GWS at the City End of the MCG, given what Tim O’Brien did last week.

A summary of how Jayden Hunt’s last quarter went at the MCG on Saturday afternoon

Got done 3 times for holding the ball inside his Forward 50, twice while streaming inside trying to get around a defender.

Melbourne lost by 9 points.

I hope Champion Data recorded this as an effective kick

Getting a stat and staying COVID safe on the advice of Nicola Spurrier.

Mitch Robinson turning back the clock to the Big Day Out 2011

In case you never heard about that, here’s an iconic photo:

The two best pieces of play from Fremantle vs Carlton were both goals at the City End

In the 3rd Quarter it was Andy Braysahw providing one of them few examples of Freo kicking accurately with a snap that traveled through via the stratosphere:

Followed by Sam Walsh keeping the ball alive late in the final term, getting a handball back from Matthew Kennedy and sending the Dockers into oblivion

Top off 2L of Chocolate Milk with a cheese platter on the side and you’ve got a great visit to the MCG sorted

Congratulations Sam Mayes, the first player to play in TWO 400 game milestones!

Tom Mitchell shoving Connor Rozee for staging after he got a free kick & a shot at goal, only to give away another free kick and a certain goal to make it a 7 point play

Now here was the initial bendy neck from Rozee:

And here’s Mitchell making sure Connor got a legitimate free kick, which led to a Port free kick that Charlie Dixon turned into a goal.

Did someone mention KFC?

The Josh Kennedy 273rd Game Spectacular

“Every time Josh Kennedy has played against Josh Kennedy, Josh Kennedy has lost to Josh Kennedy” – David King

Luke Shuey delivers the second hardest intentional strike to the face that Callum Mills has received

The Amartey Party is on in Geelong and everyone’s invited… including Joel Amarety

Bulldogs vs Kangaroos vs Seagulls

And here’s what it looked like just outside the ground

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