I like how France defeating the Wallabies in Australia for the first time in 31 years slipped under the radar

Unlike last week in Brisbane, the French remembered to kick the ball out when the siren went, and just illustrate how big this result is, half of Les Bleus’ best available team aren’t playing because of the Top 14 season, and the two week quarantine when they arrived in Australia… And they still manhandled the Wallabies.

I should also point out that it’s incorrect to say Les Bleus haven’t won in Australia since 1990, because they did of course finish 4th at the 2003 World Cup, but they hadn’t defeated the Wallabies in Australia in that time.

Here’s another fun fact just to rub it in our faces, the French kicker Melvyn Jaminet played the last season in the second division of French club rugby (D2), and has never played in the Top 14…..

He was 8/8 in front of the posts and pretty much won the game off his own boot.

Heck, if it weren’t for that silly mistake at Suncorp, the French could’ve finally won their maiden series in Australia by now!

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