Tuesday Tithbits: 13th July

Well it’s Tuesday, and this week – Friday specifically – Marks 10 years since one of the most memorable moments from the Triple M Saturday Rub, sparked by an email mistakenly sent from one Danny ‘Spud’ Frawley to Mark Brayshaw, brother of Rub stalwart James Brayshaw, in which Spud, who was trying to send the email to the Fox Sports makeup department, expressed his desire for a different shade of makeup when he hosted Bounce.

Once Saturday rolled around, JB brought it to the table, and with Spud not realising what was coming, Makeupgate was born, and eventually Spudregis took full flight and suspected Jason Dunstall’s involvement between clubbing Damian Barrett for daring to jump in, followed by Spud’s great mate from St Kilda Stewart Loewe calling in and added to the hilarity.

One of the funniest incidents during the Golden Age of The Rub, and it was only natural that it was brought up during the SEN/MMM Spud tribute show after the Bungaree flyer left us in 2019:

We miss him dearly.

A quick stat before State of Origin Game III tomorrow

Queensland players stood down for bubble breaches: 1

Queensland tries through the first 2 games: 1

That said, even if New South Wales do win and complete their takeover of the entire state of Queensland, I think the Banana Benders have won long term…

Instead of getting one NRL expansion team, they’ve suddenly had 12 granted to them by the ARL Commission!

Saying things that have already been stated about Ash Barty’s Wimbledon title

It’s the most unifying Australian sporting win seen by humanity since Cathy Freeman carried us all to victory in Sydney…. Some of Ian Thorpe’s wins got us up and about, Anna Meares’ comeback from almost being paralysed to win a Gold Medal in London was great, but what made it so special for me:

A) Ash was the first Australian woman to make a Semi Final at Wimbledon since Jelena Dokic in 2000, the first Australian to even make a singles final at Wimbledon since Mark ‘The Poo’ Phillippoussis lost to Roger Federer in 2003, the first to win a singles title at Wimbledon since Lleyton Hewitt in 2002, and the first Australian woman to win the title since Evonne Goolagong-Cawley in 1980, after she came back as a mother.

B) She was wearing the Evonne inspired 1971 retro scallop dress to honour the 50th anniversary of EGC’s title win, back when Evonne hadn’t even added Cawley to her name…

And what capped the whole thing off was that Ash, with her ancestry from the Ngarigo people, won the title during NAIDOC Week.

Congratulations to everyone who pulled off the Barty Party/Amartey Party double on Sunday

Trippier’s cross to Shaw wasn’t even that good

Although I don’t imagine too many people in Sydney were partying on Sunday morning…

Unless they play for the Dragons.

Jeremy McGovern should change his name to Jeremy McGregor after copping this almighty ankle breaker from Tarryn Thomas

Fellow Sandgroper Min Woo Lee pulled off the second-best win by an Australian in the United Kingdom this past weekend….

In any other week, winning the Scottish Open at Renaissance in a playoff, despite being ranked at No.240, would’ve been top, but Wimbledon was on:

The story I got from my mate Half Price was that Minjee Lee’s younger brother was 126/1 to win the tournament when he got on, mainly because Lee was ranked 240….

Now he’s up to No.61, and he’s got a guaranteed spot in the Open Championship this weekend!

A superb result in the basketball today, as the Boomers defeated a team that lost to Nigeria

By the way, they’re nicknamed the Boomers because that’s the nickname given to a male Kangaroo, which is the Australian team’s mascot.

Nothing to do with Boomerangs, as the Yanks seem to believe.

It’s like Channel 7 had a Crocodile Dundee “That’s not a knife” moment in their heads before that sketchy story on the Rashford-Sancho-Saka racial abuse from the English fans went live on Facebook

May as well have just written “Three non-Caucasians miss penalties”

“That’s not a racist incident, THIS is a racist incident.”

Meanwhile, Channel 9’s thumbnail for the Monday morning news bulletin is comedic quality

Who can forget the scenes on Lygon Street on Monday morning after New South Wales racked up the century of cases:

I’m not kidding, this is real.

As everyone knows, Mario and a Pizza rescued Princess Peach, not Luigi

So thanks to Novak Djokovic winning Wimbledon, Men’s Tennis is now like Blackjack……

Whoever gets to 21 first is in the best position.

Tai ‘Bam Bam’ Tuivasa attempting a shoey with hot sauce after he sent Greg Hardy back to the 19th Century… Only to realised why Daniel Ricciardo usually sticks to beer

And finally, I like how we’ve now all forgotten that Australia have been so pitiful in the Caribbean that they’ve already lost the T20 series to the West Indies

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