‘It’ Happens Moment For Round 20 of the AFL

From the GWS vs Port Adelaide game this evening….

With just on 7 minutes to go in the opening quarter, Port’s Peter ‘Steamed’ Ladhams fired a wonky helicopter shot on goal that you could’ve put your house on going through for a behind….

Only for the oblong Sherrin to do it’s thing, take a Shane Warne off break to the right, and go through for Port’s first goal of the game.

An All-Australian defender in Nick Haynes versus an oblong piece of leather

The behind the goal camera gives the perfect view:

What is it with Port and those freaky right-hand bounces – Think of Angus Monfries in the last Showdown at Football Park in 2013….

Peter Ladhams – The best spinner named Peter since Peter Taylor.


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