Where on earth did Mark Waugh attempt to learn mathematics

When Brendon Julian suggested that Australia needed to chase down Bangladesh’s 73 runs inside of a maximum of 10 overs to improve their net run rate at the T20 World Cup, Mark Waugh instead suggested that Australia needed to get the target in a maximum of 8 overs, because….

“8 12s are 76 when I went to school” – Junior, November 4, 2021

I don’t think BJ or Brett Lee could quite comprehend the piece of comedic analysis that had just been transferred from Junior’s brain to his mouth:

“Absolutely incredible television” – Tom Carpenter (Footage from Fox Cricket)

More importantly, I don’t think 8×12 ever amounted to 76 at any point between the years of 1969 to 1982, nor has it changed since:

Still, in fairness to Junior, he was somewhere close to the mark, because Australia actually needed to get the 74 runs within 50 balls (8.2 overs) to surpass South Africa for 2nd in Group A on Net Run Rate.

They got there in 38:

Well done to the Aussies, but once again, Junior, where the hell did you attempt to learn your times tables?

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