Tuesday Tithbits: 9th November

Well friends, it’s still November 9 in Europe and certain parts of Mars, and if you know your history, November 9 is an important day in German history, especially in the 20th Century:

In 1918, Kaiser Wilhelm abdicated and a republic was proclaimed, marking the end of the German Empire and almost 300 years of royal rule in Germany, two days before the Armistice of WWI kicked in.

In 1923, Hitler’s failed Beer Hall Putsch in Munich was brought to a violent end after starting on November 8, resulting in the arrest of Hitler and the Nazi Party leadership, bringing them to national attention.

In 1938, the pogrom that was Kristallnacht began across Nazi Germany, resulting in mass burnings and the deaths of over 400 German Jews, with tens of thousands more Jewish people rounded up and arrested.

And finally, in 1989, East Germany finally opened their borders and allowed East Germans to cross into checkpoints bordering West Germany, including East and West Berlin, without official permission, formally marking the Fall of the Berlin Wall, and the symbolic fall of the Iron Curtain:

I imagine we’ll celebrate like that in Western Australia when our own State Government finally allows us to travel again in February…

Of 2029.

Now, on to a few random things I’ve noticed this week:

In case you missed it, here’s the footage from the new Shoulder Cam in MotoGP

Obviously the concept of Helmet Cam has made several appearances in Formula 1, most recently with Fernando Alonso during this year’s Belgian Grand Prix weekend, but after some attempts on motorcycles back in the early 1980s, something resembling Helmet Cam hadn’t really made it into the current era of MotoGP, largely due to the safety implications, but this time around, instead of having something like a Go-Pro stick out, Dorna’s solution was to fit a camera into the left shoulder of Alex Rins’ leathers, and the end result was the Shoulder Cam, which is probably the best example yet of the viewer getting first hand look at riding a 4-stroke 1000cc MotoGP bike in anger:

Madison de Rozario completes the historic Olympic Marathon Gold – New York Marathon Gold double in the same year, becoming the first Australian to win an NYC Marathon event of any kind…. and yet I can’t get any damn footage of it on YouTube

Sort it out will you, if an Australian wins a major international sporting event, I WANT TO BLOODY WELL SEE AT LEAST 5 SECONDS OF IT, NOT SOME DAMN PHOTOS.

Now what am I going to do without knowing Dylan Alcott is winning every Quad Wheelchair Singles title in sight after next year’s Australian Open

When you think about it, prior to Alcott, the only wheelchair tennis player that most people in this country could name off by heart was David Hall, who was a Paralympic Gold Medalist, won every major title a billion times over (33 in all) and has been inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame, but quite honestly, I don’t think any wheelchair player, in any country, ever brought the sport into the mainstream like Alcott did, through a sheer combination of his personality and his playing ability.

Actually, that’s selling Esther Vergeer and her 470 match winning streak short, because that in itself is a story.

Another Gabster story from this past Saturday at the Waterford TAB

An Artist’s depiction of The Gabster

So back on Cox Plate Day, our 95-year-old mate Gabby went to the Ascot races, where he apparently found a few credit cards belonging to esteemed jockey Brad Rawiller’s credit cards lying around, so Gab tried to do the right thing and handed them in.

A week later, Brad (apparently) hadn’t recovered his belongings, so he went to go and see Gabby, who gave them back to him on the day.

Brad said thanks and walked away, but Gabby still complained to Mr Alfonse that Brad hadn’t given him a tip or a sling, and thus, as Gabby has said about a few people, Brad can “Go and get ****ed”.

However, The Gabster is 95, so the validity of his stories are highly questionable, like the one where he drove on the railway tracks in Kalgoorlie a few years ago when he was blind drunk with his mates, and when he drove in a trots race at Gloucester Park in the 1950s and boxed another driver in and told him to ‘Get effed’ because he wouldn’t give Gab a sling if he let him out…

Actually, that one is definitely believable.

Australia finally lock in a return to Pakistan after 24 years

After decades of terror concerns, Australia will finally be gracing Rawalpindi again, and we should remember that the last series the two countries played in Pakistan, back at the end of 1998, featuring Mark Taylor’s unbeaten 334, is the only time Australia has won a Test series in Pakistan in the last 60 years.

The only other Test series the Aussies have won in Pakistan was at the end of 1959, when Richie Benaud’s Australians won the 3-test series 2-0, and that series is also noteworthy because during Day Four of the 3rd Test in Karachi, then-US President Dwight Eisenhower was in attendance, becoming the first US President to attend a game of Test match cricket, which came as part of a diplomatic trip to Pakistan, and to mark the moment, Ike was given a commentative Pakistani Test blazer.

Still, Ike picked a pretty crap day to go, because the hosts only scored 104 for the loss of 5 wickets during the day, as the match finished in a draw, and like pretty much every US President that followed in his wake, he stuck to golf for the rest of his days.

10 years after missing the Grand Prix of Valencia due to diplopia, Marc Marquez will miss the Grand Prix of Valenica due to diplopia

For the unaware, Marquez’ issues with double vision date back to a crash on a wet patch during Moto2 practice for the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix, in which he which he landed head first on the tarmac, leaving him requiring season-ending surgery and lasting optic nerve damage in his right eye, which very nearly marked the end of his Grand Prix career, over a year before he even got to MotoGP.

There’s actually footage of the crash in the documentary Hitting The Apex (Currently on Netflix), approximately 1 hour and 3 minutes in, and after they show it, Dr Xavier Mir (The go-to Dr for motorcycle riders) and Marc’s father Julia discuss the aftermath, and Dr Mir mentions that in surgery, the team (Led by Dr Sanchez Dalmau) slightly altered the angle of the optic muscle, weakening it in the process, which resulted in Marquez making a full recovery in time for 2012, although that same nerve is the one that’s suffered damage in this new incident.

It just continues a terrible run of events for Marc over the last 18 months… The Jerez crash that sidelined him for a year, the shoulder problems, and now the concussion that ended his season prematurely.

I’m glad to see the AFL got rid of skinfold tests for draftees, because now we might be able to see a few more Mick Nolan-esque units make it back into the league

Which means there’s going to be more of this, which is especially important now that Shane Mumford has called it a day:

It takes serious skill to not even notice that the bloody Galloping Gasometer was standing right in front of you, Sellers.

If only George Michael were around to help complete the Ange Postecoglou Last Christmas tributes

Daniel Sturridge was clearly too specific for Google when trying to find a hairdresser in Perth

Has he considered Salter Point Hair Design?

I think this was a re-enactment of Harald Schumacher on Patrick Battison in the 1982 World Cup Semi Final

I think the first keeper was very harshly dealt with, considering Schumacher didn’t even get booked for caving Battison’s skull into his brain during that Semi Final in Seville:

There was once a French newspaper poll to find out who was the most hated man in France.

Harald Schumacher was put ahead of Adolf Hitler.

The three pieces of Josh Allen on Josh Allen crime

The first time in NFL history that a player has ever sacked a player with the same name, and I saw a fact on /r/nfl that with the Jaguars defeating the Bills, defenders are now 5-0 against quarterbacks with the same name.

The last time any of us checked, the New York Jets have a cornerback named Lamar Jackson on their practice squad, although they aren’t playing the Lamar Jackson-led Baltimore Ravens until next year, at which time we can apparently pencil in the Jets for their only win of the season.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if Sunday night’s racing was just random people driving down a Sydney highway in the rain, or a Supercars race

Either way, it was good fun to watch:

And finally, here’s some Cheesy Chips, Brummie Style

The presentation is outstanding

“Here’s your cheese, here’s your chips, now piss off.”

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