Today is 30 years since Freddie Mercury left us

After years of speculation, November 23, 1991 was the day Freddie announced he was HIV positive, and some 24 hours later, the Queen frontman died of bronchial pneumonia at his West London home aged 45, becoming the most high profile victim of the 1980s/90s AIDS epidemic.

Actually, I should refrain, 30 years ago Freddie Mercury never completely left us, he just ventured into the sixth dimension and decided to stay.

So while today is a sad day in musical history, I prefer to keep it upbeat (I almost wrote keep it positive, then realised who I’m talking about), so here’s Freddie at his zenith, controlling 80,000 on the tip of his finger live at Wembley Stadium in 1986, right after Queen had performed A Kind Of Magic, and I enjoy this moment because I find it even more mesmerising to watch than the well documented ‘Ayyy-oh!’ at Live Aid in 1985…. That and the ending is hilarious.

If my memory’s right this was in the London 2012 Closing Ceremony

Brian May played the guitar.

Roger Taylor played the drums.

John Deacon played the bass.

Freddie Mercury played the crowd.

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