Valtteri Bottas crushing the hopes of drivers at the chequered flag – A sequel

GIFs belong to Liberty Media/Formula One Management

4 years ago you may remember this wild ending to the ‘inaugural’ Azerbaijan Grand Prix, in which Valtteri Bottas, who at one stage was a lap down in 20th after sustaining a puncture on the opening lap, positively rocketed past Lance Stroll’s Williams to take 2nd place with metres to spare, a wild ending to a wild ride through Baku:

A four-wheeled version of a Ducati slipstreaming some crap little Inline Four bike

From a purist’s point of view, the onboard of it is just beautiful to watch – The official margin was a mere 0.105 seconds, after Bottas gained a second on Stroll in the last sector alone:

And now, 4 years later we’ve finally got a sequel!

Saudi Arabia 2021 – Bottas mows down Esteban Ocon on the last lap, and in the run to the line, which the TV director didn’t bother showing live, Bottas used the almighty trinity of the slipstream + DRS + Mercedes power to rip Ocon’s heart out Temple of Doom style and take 3rd place, having been behind Ocon’s Alpine ever since the second restart on Lap 15…. The official margin was just 0.102 seconds:

You’ll notice Bottas going the fist pump once he realises he’s got 3rd

And now from Ocon’s onboard… You can just pinpoint the second his heart rips in half, after sitting in the Top 3 for 35 laps:

I do believe these were Esteban’s words to Valtteri when they met in parc ferme after the race:

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