Lawn Bowls

Looks like I’m going to Pickering Brook tomorrow

Or Whispering Brook, which is what you call it when you’re drunk, so it sounds like something close to where a bunch of Hobbits live.

Yes, I did call it Whispering Brook when I called my mother to tell her where I was going

“Where do you come from Mr Baggins?”

“I’m a Hobbit of Pickering Brook, not too far from Hobbiton in the Shire!”

In fact, Pickering Brook is home to a few wineries, while Whispering Brook is the name of a winery in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, so they’ve probably got a fair few Hobbits who emigrated from New Zealand.

So the story behind this random announcement is that the Manning women’s 4th Division team is two bowlers short, for unknown, so they’ve required two bowlers from the men’s ranks of equal standing….

In this case, it’s myself and Smiley.

I hope you love the irony – I played in a 4th Division Women’s Pennants team before I played in a 4th Division Men’s Pennants team.

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