The JT Photography Series Part II: The Befuddling Sunset(s)

Hello everyone, it’s the Australian reincarnation of Claude Monet here, and following on from the vivid photo of the midnight lightshow occurring around the Perth skyline last month, I ventured outside for a gander during our Thursday bowls debrief, and noticed this odd-looking, befuddling, confounding, gloomy sunset while facing the northwest, and when I noticed how randomly dark the lighting was in my peripheral vision, I thought to myself ‘Jebus, that’s befuddling.’

And just a reminder, this is with the brightness automatically turned up on the iPhone

It struck me as befuddling because there absolutely wasn’t any fire activity on the coast to cause that kind of cloud, we’ve barely had anything other than a blood red or orange sunset past 7pm throughout all of February, and there was next to no cloud cover throughout all of Thursday, which was another 38 degree Celsius kind of day, and yet somehow nature decided to play funny buggers.

And for the record, that photo was captured at 7:19pm local.

To be honest, it was fitting that the sun looked that gloomy facing the north, because it was a metaphor for Manning’s collective performance on Thursday, with just 1 aggregate win and a draw from 6 teams, although, when I went and had a look out the back facing the southwest, it looked much more like the summer sunset we’ve come to experience, as you’ll agree when you take a look, with the classic three to four layer colour pallet in the sky.

Yep, we’re not that far from the Autumn.

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