The latest additions to the JT Photography Series: Near Full Moon, Saturday Night

Proving my random love of a summer sky, this is a random photo of the fully-lit Perth CBD from the South Perth foreshore at 10 to 10pm on a Saturday night while I was impaired by several glasses of Ashai, which is proven by the fact that the photo comes complete with a couple of random yellow dots that look like UFOs, flying in from Uranus to visit the place that I would now describe as the City Of Accentuated Lights:

I like how the bottom of the Ferry looks like the inside of a tanning bed

Here’s a history lesson, next month will mark 60 years since John Glenn called Perth the ‘City of Lights’ when he passed over the city in orbit aboard the Friendship 7…. We’ve cherished that title ever since.

And in Part 2 of this boring arse series, here’s East Perth at 7:30pm, looking like a scene from Miami Vice:

You could just picture Crockett and Tubbs going for a cruise through the streets staring at the sky.

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