Congratulations Jeremy Howe, 200 games and what feels like 400 hangers

In the semi-traditional Easter Thursday game between Brisbane and Collingwood at the Gabba, not only will 2020 Brownlow Medalist Lachie Neale play his 200th AFL game, but Jeremy Howe, one of the greatest aerialists to play league football in the 125+ years of the VFL/AFL, will play his 200th game, in which time he’s racked up an all-time record 35 nominations for Mark of the Year, and yet somehow he’s only won the overall award just the once back in 2012, when he sat on Heath Grundy’s head for a millennia.

We will state quietly that Howie was robbed in 2017.

Funnily enough, Howe played exactly 100 games for Melbourne between 2011 to 2015, which means Thursday night also doubles as his 100th game for Collingwood, making him the 52nd player in league history to play 100 games for 2 clubs, and the first for both Melbourne and Collingwood.

So for absolutely no reason other than to say well done and congratulations to Jeremy, here’s a lazy 11 minute highlight package of Jeremy Howe’s hangers from the 2010s, because if any player in league history could create at least 11 minutes worth of hangers, it’s Jeremy Howe…

And Peter Knights.

And probably Tony Modra as well.

Anyway, enjoy the best aerial show since the Roulettes were grounded.

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