Jack Ginnivan reclaims his GoPro privileges on ANZAC Day

Suspended from Collingwood’s GoPro duties after Kane Cornes called the Fun Police on the Magpies after Round 1, reviled Pies small forward Jack ‘FIGJAM’ Ginnivan proved himself the best questionably bleached blonde player in the AFL, with 12 disposals, 5 marks and 5 goals without a miss in the biggest home & away game of the season, as a 19-year-old in his 10th senior game, in front of 84,000 people, for which he was deservedly awarded the ANZAC Day Medal.

Here’s a not-so true story, I was trying to find out what Ginnivan’s middle name is, but Collingwood and the AFL don’t list it, so I had an online chat to a couple of Bombers and Pies supporters, and they told me his middle name is the same as New York Yankees hero Bucky Dent…

Because he’s Jack F***in’ Ginnivan.

Collingwood never trailed after this goal went through

ANZAC Spirit, it’s a peroxide brand.

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