An Andrew Symonds run-out to remember Roy on this terrible day

2 months after losing Rod Marsh and Shane Warne on the same day, the news came through this morning that Andrew ‘Roy’ Symonds, the scourge of streakers, had died in a car crash in North Queensland overnight aged only 46.

To remember big Roy I wanted to highlight one of his greatest run-outs, and obviously when you think of Andrew Symonds there’s a million and one run-outs to bring up, because he’s on a par with Ricky Ponting and Jonty Rhodes as the best fielders of the 1990s and 2000s, but I’ll bring up this one from Australia vs India in the 2007 T20 World Cup Semi-Final.

The rule of thumb in the game of cricket is that you should never run off a misfield…

And that theory was confirmed at Kingsmead, as Roy fielded a shot that Robin Uthappa had absolutely smashed to short mid-off, and Robin went for a single, made it to no man’s land before realising his folly, as Roy, probably annoyed at his misfield, proceeded to nonchalantly destroy the middle stump at the striker’s end with an absolute tracer bullet out of his right arm.

One of the most aesthetically pleasing direct hits in the history of televised cricket.

Roy, you’ve been taken from us too soon.

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