Hawthorn’s record when they score 100 points is insane

In the game of footy, there’s a well-documented theory that the first team to crack the 100 point barrier in a game will ultimately go on to win, which was investigated by the AFL website 9 years ago, which found that in a period between 2003-mid 2013, teams who reached 100 points first had a 97% win rate.

Now, with today’s win in Launceston against the Brisbane Lions, Hawthorn reached the century first and ultimately pulled off the upset, which means they’ve now won their last 80 games in which they’ve scored 100+ points, a streak that runs back to Round 20 of 2012.

In that time, the other 17 AFL teams have been defeated in at least one game despite scoring at least 100 points.

Now, the last time Hawthorn lost a game despite scoring over 100 points?

Round 19, 2012, best remembered for Tom Hawkins’ monster goal after the siren during the height of the Kennett Curse.

The Hawks’ website documented the streak after the win against Adelaide in Round 6 of last year, when it was listed at 77 wins, but I believe they missed a game in 2012, because the Hawks scored 100+ points from Rounds 20-22 + Qualifying Final and won them all, which would make it 4, not 3, and with the 2 wins this year scoring 100 points (Rounds 2 & 10), it’s now at 80.

All in all, since 2010, Hawthorn have scored 100+ points in a game a grand total of 114 times (As of today), winning 113 of them, with the ‘Hawkins Game’ being the lone exception for another reason besides the result….

It’s the only game out of those 114 that the Hawks scored 100 points after their opposition did.

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