It’s late night, time to post things about Andrew Redmayne

Hail Richie, Hail the Great Man, Hail!

Brave move by Arnie to sub on Max Gawn

Ah yes, playing a South American team in a Penalty Shootout to decide a World Cup spot…

Peru were always bound to suffer the same fate as Uruguay in 2005, and Redmayne pulled John Aloisi-esque heroics while he was simultaneously cast in the Mark Schwarzer role… In fact, they both saved 2 penalties in their respective shootouts.

The fact that Australia won a penalty shootout also leaves me doubting if we were really colonised by England.

Of course, Redmayne is referred to by many titles:

The Grey Wiggle

The Peruvians weren’t ready for a bit of Hot Potato and Fruit Salad when Graham Arnold sent Redmayne on

The Calisthenics Keeper

Eddie Redmayne’s brother from another mother

The Pestillence on Peru

And, The King of Shithousing

Should’ve done what Jens Lehmann did in 2006 and hid the notes in his shinpad

Before we go, I’d like to leave you with this fact.

There are children in the world about to turn 8 years old who have never seen Italy play in a FIFA World Cup, and won’t see Italy play in a World Cup until they are at least 12 years old.

By contrast, there are people entering their last year of University that have never seen Australia miss a FIFA World Cup.

The point of that fact?


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