Jaidyn Stephenson with the Clanger(s) of the Year

The original clanger is a kick out from full-back that goes straight down the throat of up & coming key forward Lance Franklin, one of approximately 4 turnovers North made from kick-ins.

Stephenson proceeds to lament his mistake for 5 seconds, and in doing so makes the fatal error of turning his back to the ball.

That meant he was completely oblivious to the fact that Buddy wasn’t having a set shot, and instead of a smidgen of defensive pressure, Franklin ran in to kick the easiest of his 1,040 career goals.

The unfortunate part for Stevo was that was only the SECOND time he’d turned his back to the ball when the Swans were running in for a shot for goal, because he did it to Errol Gulden when Gulden ran Inside 50 and kicked the opening goal of the game:

Poor young Stevo, all this losing and suffering and turmoil at North Melbourne has impaired his senses and affected his mental ability to play the game.

Happens to all of us at some point in life.

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