An Olivia Newton-John VFL/AFL Grand Final coincidence

Because I didn’t have the chance to properly publish this yesterday when the shock news dropped that Olivia Newton-John had died, simply because I was on the way to Sydney airport to fly across the continent, this was a coincidence involving the late ONJ that popped up in the Amazing coincidences thread on BigFooty some 8 years ago, right after the 2014 Grand Final:

Olivia Newton-John performed the Australian national anthem before two VFL/AFL Grand Finals.

1986, in which she also performed Waltzing Matilda:

Funnily enough ONJ was a Carlton supporter… Didn’t quite work out for the Blues that day

And 2014:

In both years, the Grand Final was played on September 27.

In both years, the winner was Hawthorn.

There is something of an irony that a Carlton supporter like ONJ would turn out to be a good luck charm for Hawthorn…

It’s a sad time for us all.

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