JT’s Succinct Random NRL Picks: Round 22, 2022

Holy hell this is out of the blue, Cowboys premiership coach Paul Green died this morning, aged only 49….

Rothmans Medalist in 1995, the first Cowboy to earn representation in State of Origin in 1999, immortalised as the Cowboys’ maiden premiership coach in 2015, and only last year served as coach of Queensland.

It’s quite a scary thought that despite only existing for 28 seasons, every coach that’s led the Cowboys to a Grand Final is no longer with us – Graham Murray got them to that inaugural Grand Final in 2005 and died aged 58 in 2013, and now straight of the blue, Green has gone, and the North Queensland community is shattered.

So as I try and process that graphic piece of information, we’re on to Round 22 and my goodness, wasn’t last week a great advert for Bold and the Beautiful:

In another pathetic incident in a long line of pathetic incidents, Ricky Stuart became the first coach in the history of First Grade to be suspended for comments in a press conference, in this case calling Penrith’s Jaeman Salmon a weak-gutted dog for kicking Tom Starling’s nuts, revealing Stuart’s grudge against Salmon that dated back to an Under 12s incident involving Salmon and Stuart’s son in 2010 (When Stuart coached Cronulla and Salmon grew up in Sutherland Shire) that left the younger Stuart in tears.

Surely that’s the funniest part, of all the players in the game to pick a bone with, an 11-year-old who became a fringe first grader has lived rent free for 12 years in the head of a grown man who has now coached 462 NRL games.

That led to Paul Kent doing what he usually does and defending his mate Sticky in the Telegraph, in which Kenty also invoked an incident involving Mark Geyer’s daughter from 2019 for absolutely no reason at all, which then led to MG being asked about it on Triple M on Tuesday morning, and MG did everything short of call Kenty a ‘campaigner’ and roast him over an open fire.

From Triple M Sydney, August 9 2022

So with Ricky suspended for 7 days, the debate about suburban ground funding between the NRL and the New South Wales Government took a wild turn as the railing at Leichhardt Oval collapsed during a Shute Shield match, which was unexpected in more ways than one, as the fans at Leichhardt are only used to Wests Tigers collapsing.

Another forgotten story that popped up is that Souths have decided they’re moving their home games from Accor Stadium after 16 years, with the intention of moving closer to Redfern and the rebuilt Allianz Stadium alongside the Roosters, but the NSW Government are currently refusing to accept a move, due to agreements with the NRL & Souths about playing games at the Olympic Stadium until 2030, which is now very much a white elephant for all parties, and somewhere in a dark room Uncle Nick is pulling strings making sure Souths don’t steal more of Easts’ territory.

Anyway, we now have a great conundrum – A team in Sydney doesn’t have a stadium, and a stadium in Perth doesn’t have a team.

If you want to win next year’s election Dom, you know what to do.

And finally, to the surprise of nobody, the NRL officially rejected the Wests Tigers’ bid to have the result of their contentious Round 19 game against the North Queensland Cowboys overturned, most likely after referring it to Ashley Klein in The Bunker to make a decision.

So my Round 21 performance was somewhat of a disasterclass, because I could’ve picked up 7/8 after picking Manly against Parramatta and Canberra against Penrith, but it turned out the Raiders were the biggest weak-gutted dogs of them all and…

Wait a minute, it appears I took a screenshot of the wrong account last week, because on the proper FootyTips account it says I tipped Parra, and I sure as crap don’t remember doing it… I was probably drinking and tipping again.

But forget about that because we’re on to Round 22, and this week’s feature Thursday game is the arrogant heavyweight duo Penrith against the Melbourne Storm, with both teams not exactly their fearsome selves of the last two seasons due to being decimated by injuries and suspension, as Melbourne now lose Felise Kaufusi due to the death of his father, while the Panthers get to intimidate teams with a NSW Cup halves pairing, which works on NSW Cup teams like the Canberra Raiders.

Progressive Score After Round 21: 115/162 (71%), without Origin games 114/159

Round 21 Picks:

Random Pick of the Week, because I’m already resorting to re-using Monty Python jokes….

THE KILLER RABBITS to rip the heads off the Eels’ edge defence:

As the Eels try to respond by lobbing the Holy Hand Grenade at Latrell Mitchell:

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