Dane Rampe stopping Brody Mihocek from scoring from 2 metres out

It’s not quite Heath Chapman’s spoil on the goal line with 7 seconds left to preserve Fremantle’s 1-point win against Adelaide in Round 1:

Nor is it Patrick Cripps’ legal team at the AFL Appeals Board on Thursday….

But this should sit right up there for defensive efforts in 2022, because Rampe was spotting Brody Mihocek a good 10 metres and gave him an open look at the goal, and even still, he didn’t just run down Mihocek and stop him from scoring a certain goal, he stopped him from scoring altogether from point blank range, at a time when Collingwood had a bit of momentum:

Footage from Channel 7

To cap off the day, Rampe, who hadn’t kicked a goal for 6 years, managed to kick as many goals as Mihocek and his direct opponent Jamie Elliott combined (1):

And 3 minutes after Rampe’s desperation act, Lance Franklin kicked the sealer and confirmed the Swans would jump into 2nd spot with a game to play.

To think, that is the very same Dane Rampe that once humped a goal post as if he were a koala on a Eucalyptus tree.

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