JT’s Really Rapid Random NRL Picks: Round 24, 2022

John Farnham sang about Two Strong Hearts…. After reading about how long that surgery was, he’s going to need One Strong Jaw!

And the crickets chirp.

Anyway, after several games last week ended in cricket scores, especially the Roosters vs Tigers game, this week’s Tips are a bit shorter, as I’m currently interstate doing nothing at all around the Insular Peninsula of Sydney while visiting the relatives, and on a walk this morning through Palm Beach I saw this house where they’re allegedly trying to build a pool in one of the more inhospitable places you’d imagine:

Fair dinkum, if that rock erodes any further it’s coming straight down, you as well build a penthouse on top of a volcano…. Might be a bit warm, but the views would be nice.

I’ll be quite honest here, I am simply not able to access a computer for longer than an hour, so this is the end result.

This week on, Rugby League Bold and the Beautiful…

The Mackay Cutters have been given the electric chair by the QRL, for refusing to play a Queensland Cup game in Papua New Guinea, because the last time that many Australians went to PNG the Japanese were waiting for them…

The Melbourne Storm re-signed everyone except Cam Munster, Premiership hero Andrew Fifita is out of Cronulla, Kieran Foran is out of Manly, Tyson Gamble wants out of Brisbane…

While James Tamou, in the death throes of his NRL career, was given the cruelest punishment imaginable after being sent off for abusing Ben Cummins at the SCG on Saturday night…

The NRL reduced his suspension from 2 weeks down to 1, meaning he’s got to play another game for the soon-to-be wooden spooners Wests!

Cruel, just cruel.

Round 23 Score: 7/8

Progressive Score After Round 23: 127/178 (70.5%), without Origin games 126/175

Round 24 Picks:

Now, this week’s MAJOR Random Pick, after last week’s prediction of a Shark Attack in the Northern Beaches proved frighteningly accurate…

In tonight’s game, the story is that the Broncos got the chocolates against Parramatta a month ago in Sydney, but right now the longer this season goes, the more it looks like the Broncos are Free Fallin’ out of the Top 8, Tom Petty style, while the Eels are travelling along, so you know what I say?

Caxton Street is going to look more like EEL-ECTRIC AVENUE, so take it away, Eddy Grant!

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