Mass pile-up on Surfers Paradise street causes traffic delays on Sunday afternoon

And what an absolute beauty of a crash it was, 10 cars blocking the track not even 4 laps into the Supercars race this afternoon

Surely that’s the biggest mass pile-up in a Supercars race since the Lap 1 carnage at Symmons Plains 5 years ago:

And coincidentally the No.2 Walkinshaw car gets totalled in both accidents

It all kicks off with a James Golding tank-slapper at 250 km/h straight into the tyre bundle

Leaving at least 9 other cars with nowhere to go but straight up someone’s arse, like most highway prangs in Australia:

Then comes the fire under the hood for Macaulay Jones

James Courtney with 3 wheels on my wagon, which is still better than how his car looked after Bathurst… amazingly enough Tickford got that car back into the race and it was classified 17th:

Then you have the Good Samaritan motorists getting out of their cars to help their fellow man put out said fire under the hood

And finally, I leave you with a timeless Neil Crompton quote from the legendary Sydney 500 pileup of 2010.

“That sound you can hear is the sound of cash registers ringing.”

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