Congratulations to Brody Couch, December 2022 Fatty Vautin One-Handed Screamer Award winner

For the uninformed, the Fatty Vautin Award is awarded to the sporting person who sticks their arm out on a wing and a prayer, and comes down with the ball to complete a superb screamer of a catch, just as one Paul ‘Fatty’ Vautin did at the Gabba in 1993 during the Allan Border Tribute Match:

And this month’s winner, with a catch The Fatman would admire, came during the Big Bash League season opener on Tuesday night, as Melbourne Stars substitute Brody ‘The Recliner’ Couch, backed up an earlier circus catch by taking out this month’s ‘Fatty Award’ with his big right paw:

I suppose the December Fatty Vautin Award will be a small consolation for The Recliner, as his teammates crapped the bed in 2 out of the last 3 balls to lose by a wicket.

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