Only Australian football could make the Round of 16 at a FIFA World Cup and eviscerate itself before they’d even played the Final

First we get the crap about Sydney getting the Grand Final rights for several years on Monday, to really lace our cups of coffee with cyanide…

And now we have the scenes of Melbourne Victory fans acting like early 1980s English hooligans and chucking flares and a bag of cocaine at the referee Alex King & goalkeeper Tom Glover, causing the abandonment of the Melbourne Derby after 21 minutes, in one of the most devastating incidents to occur on a football pitch in Australia this century.

It was behaviour such as this that led to the old ASA canning the NSL close to 20 years ago in favour of forming the A-League, and now we’re right back to square one, minus having to wait 30+ years to qualify for a World Cup.

Well, I suppose we are descended from convicts.

Still, I can imagine there are a couple of ultras groups in Southern & Eastern Europe seeing that footage and calling those Victory fans lightweights, simply for not attempting to stab someone.

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