Novak Djokovic avoided a Djokosmash down Championship Point against Seb Korda

I feel like this has not been discussed enough out of that epic Adelaide final tonight – Facing his first singles defeat in Australia in just under 5 years, Novak Djokovic succeeded in avoiding the one shot he has famously managed to piss up for 15+ years, in spite of winning 21 Major titles… the overhead DJOKOSMASH:

Another example from the Davis Cup in 2019 on match point:

The Djokosmash of all Djokosmashes at Madrid in 2018:

Instead of all that, we get this beauty of an overhead in Adelaide tonight when Seb Korda had one hand on the trophy:

All of Serbia held its breath… mainly as they fully expected that ball to slam straight into the net.

However it didn’t, and completing this twist of fate, Korda went on to hit a Djokosmash straight into the net from the baseline at 40-40 4-5 in the final set to give Djokovic championship point…

2 minutes later, it was game, set, match.

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