American Football

You’d have to be a special kind of bonehead to push a member of the opposing team’s medical staff

And you’d have to be an even more special kind of bonehead to do it in the same week that the entire universe celebrated the fact that the Buffalo Bills’ medical team saved Damar Hamlin’s life after his on-field cardiac arrest.

I saw this comment on /r/nfl when the video was posted:

“That’s like kicking a fireman in the balls a week after 9/11.”

Such a bold strategy did not work out, Quay Walker got ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct, the Lions got a 1st and Goal, scored the go-ahead touchdown a few plays later, intercepted Aaron Rodgers, ran a hook and ladder on 2nd & 17, and eventually won the game 20-16, sweeping the Packers and ending their season out of nothing more than 30 years of pent-up spite.

It’s also worth noting that incident isn’t even the first time Walker had pushed an opposing team’s staff member this season… he got ejected against the Buffalo Bills for pushing a Bills assistant.

The only player to get ejected twice during the NFL season…

And both times it was for shoving someone who wasn’t even playing the game.

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