Lawn Bowls

Important Update: The 8 Badge has LANDED

A tribute to getting bowls within a metre: 3-10 down after 8 ends against Kardinya, to 11-10 up after 9, in Division 1 Blue of all places

Amazingly it only took us a week to get our Eight Badges, thanks to the fact that the club had to order a whole heap this season, because we’re the third Manning rink across Tuesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday Pennants this season to pick up an 8, after the Friday night ladies (apparently) got an 8 in December…

Brett Adams has also stated that one his rinks scored an 8 last season and still haven’t received their badges, but I guess he didn’t take a photo of the scorecard and mention it endlessly for a week like we I did.

“I think I’d rather get the pots than a badge!” – John Andrew

It shall sit proudly on my bucket hat until it starts weighing me down… so, probably tomorrow morning.

And just to cap it off, our Awesome Foursome won again today against Victoria Park-Carlisle 23-13, and we were a bowl away from measuring for a shot at another 8 on the 19th End, before the opposing skip managed to land 2nd shot with a pearler on his last bowl, and all that came despite the fact that up until 8am today, I was going to be in Division 2 Red…

But that’s a story for another time.

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