30 years ago today, Jim Courier jumped into the Yarra River… again

In 1992, no footage was taken of Jim Courier celebrating his Australian Open title win by jumping into the Yarra River on a dare from coach Brad Stine, but in 1993, World No.1 Courier fronted up and went for another swim in that polluted waterway after defending his title against Stefan Edberg, and as I detailed this time last year, you can tell the footage from the Australian Open’s YouTube is from 1993 (Not 1992 as they claim), because Courier was still using Diadora apparel in 1992, before he signed with Nike and won the 1993 title in a red & white pinstriped shirt…

Which was soon drenched, although that turned out to be the least of Courier’s problems, as he contracted a stomach bug due to the polluted water.

If you need proof about the year of the footage, this is the 1992 Final between Courier and Edberg:

And this is the footage of Courier’s swim in 1993, 30 years ago today, in which he’s wearing the Nike apparel.

Courier’s swim has received a fair bit of attention during this year’s Australian Open, not only because Jim himself has mentioned it during an on-court interview, and he met the cameraman who took the footage:

But also because Brad Stine is back in the spotlight, coaching Men’s Singles semi-finalist Tommy Paul.

Unfortunately, I don’t quite think we’ll see Brad daring Tommy into jumping into the Yarra together if he wins the title, for the simple fact that Tommy will have to play on the same court as Novak Djokovic on Friday evening.

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