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Crazy Craig’s Picks of the Day: 28th January

Where winning is possimpible

Alright we’ve moved on past Invasion Day and the Hanging Rock races to the last weekend of January, and this week’s highlights include the Group 2 Australia Stakes at Moonee Valley, plus the Group 2 Expressway at Rosehill, a race so useless they only had 4 entrants when the original deadline ended at 11am on Tuesday, before they saved face and got the field up to 9 runners.

For goodness sake, this is the same race that attracted Anamoe last year.

So it’s on to Crazy Craig, and he did achieve a 3rd place with his Value Pick, and speaking of 3rd placings, I managed a 3rd placing in the State Singles last Saturday…

The only problem was, it was the section and there was only 3 players.

On that note, here’s Elvis Presley!

Pick of the Day: Forbidden Love (No.4, Barrier 1) in the Expressway Stakes at Rosehill (SR9), 4:40pm AEDT

1200m Group 2 SWFA

Trainers: Michael Freedman, Jockey: Kerrin McEvoy, 56.5kg

Hello hello everyone, it’s Craaaazy Craig TBFB, and this week I’m feeling fortunate after donating my Australia Day scratchies to some poor bugger at the newsagent!

Why’d I do it you ask?

Well, he looked down on his luck!

Anyway, this weekend marks the ramping up of the Summer & Autumn Carnivals in both Sydney and Melbourne, and in the feature Expressway at Rosehill, I think Michael Freedman, formerly of the FBI, is a fan of Soft Cell, because he’s got his multiple Group 1 winner Forbidden Love going around 1st Up, and I say I LIKE HER against Golden Mile!

Wait a minute, Forbidden Love was the name of that Soft Cell song, right?

Shit, wrong kind of love!

The John Worsfold Pick: Worsfold (No.4, Barrier 7) in Race 9 at Moonee Valley, 5:40pm AEDT

1500m BM78 Ladbroke It Handicap

Trainer: Nick Ryan, Jockey: Blake Shinn, 60.5kg

I only have one issue with Worsfold tomorrow…

He should have saddlecloth No.24, not No.4!

The Darryl Kerrigan Pick: How’s The Serenity (No.1, Barrier 5) in Race 8 at Ascot (PR8), 5pm AWST (8pm)

1200m Scenic Blast Stakes

Trainer: Simon Miller, Jockey: Holly Watson (a), 59kg

“If there’s one thing dad loved more than serenity, it was a 2-stroke engine on full-throttle.”

And if there was another thing dad loved more than serenity, it was How’s The Serenity winning the feature at Ascot with the top weight!

Enjoy your weekend folks, stay safe, stay negative, KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD, and remember, I’m Crazy Craig, and that’s why they call me Craaaaaazy Craig!

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