Another step towards restoring balance to the universe

I think Max Verstappen leaked this a month ago but it’s now official….

After 16 years, the final chicane at the Circuit de Catalunya has been removed and restored to it’s original layout for the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix.

So that means a 2023 lap of Catalunya is going to look something like this lap of Michael Schumacher’s from 2003, considering the re-profiling of Turn 10 back to the original arcing left hander in 2021, and now the flat downhill run in the final 2 corners has been restored:

First, F1 manages to get rid of the Abu Dhabi Turn 11-14 chicane complex, and now they realise MotoGP were right all along and flicked off the Turn 13-14 chicane at Catalunya.

Two things might happen now:

With the loading on the front left tyre through the high speed right-hander at Turn 13, the Spanish GP might turn into a 4-stop race…

And, now we can enjoy drivers backing up other drivers at Turns 10 and 11 during Qualifying, instead of the chicane.

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